Got Weeds in Your Lawn? Plants You Didn’t Know Are Weeds!

Mar 15, 2020 | Blog, Lawn Care Services, Lawn Maintenance, Maintenance, Plants

If you take pride in your lawn and garden, you know the satisfaction of looking out over a freshly manicured yard with not a weed in sight!  But, did you know that some of our favorite and most well-known plants are technically weeds?  That’s right!  The plants you love and spend so much time tending could be weeds!


That’s right!  Clover is a weed!  Searching for the rare four-leaf clover is a favorite childhood past time for most of us.  With spring and St. Patrick’s Day upon us, we will see clover everywhere, including popping up in our yards and gardens.

While some like the look of clover and grazing animals cannot get enough of it, others dislike it because it can quickly invade other grasses and plants and take over.  Run of the mill weed and feed products often have a minimal effect on it, so removal may require the help of professionals.  If you like the look of clover, you’re in luck as it is generally drought resistant and can add a lush green look to any space.


Who doesn’t love forget-me-nots?  While these are often sold as a bedding plant, this plant is technically a weed.  These little flowers will add a touch of color to your lawn or garden with relatively little work.  They seed easily, so once planted you will see them popping up all over the place.

While not invasive, forget-me-nots can be difficult to get rid of if you don’t enjoy them.  Extreme patience or professional help with treating your lawn is going to be your best bet for removal.


If you love a pop of color in your yard space, you may have allowed foxgloves to make your outdoor space their home.  These flowers are weeds undercover and they often do well in shady areas.  While beautiful, they do have a weed-like tendency to grow where they want, and you may need to thin them from time to time.

If you have moved into a home with Foxgloves already growing, or they have suddenly appeared,  be sure to take care when handling them.  They are potentially harmful, and pets and children should be kept away from them.  When you handle them, be sure to use gloves for your safety.


A field full of bluebells is a thing of beauty, but these iconic wildflowers are actually weeds!  The pops of color are gorgeous in a field where a manicured look isn’t desired.  Yet, if these pop up in your yard or garden you will have a hard time containing them to the desired space.

These plants root deeply and are difficult to get rid of on your own.  Those who have bluebells either embrace them and their wildflower tendencies or they call in the professionals for removal!

Let Us Help You Tame Your Weeds

If you have weeds undercover in your outdoor space, we would love to help you get them under control.  We can help you create a plan for containment or removal, so your outdoor space is everything you want it to be!

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