Which Landscaping Services Should You Invest in This Fall?

Oct 10, 2022 | Blog, Landscape Construction

After the rush of summer, fall can be a great time to invest in the upkeep of your landscaping. Regular maintenance and a few enhancements can go a long way in increasing the aesthetic of your property, while also preparing your lawn for winter. Let’s take a look at a few services many local landscaping companies like Archer Lawns can offer.

1. Regular Maintenance

It’s crucial to invest in the maintenance of your yard all year long, but especially in the fall as the temperature starts to cool down after the heat of Houston summers. A reliable landscape maintenance service can help keep your lawn and plants healthy. Failing to take good care of your grass or garden during this season can prevent it from flourishing in the months ahead.

A few great maintenance services you should take advantage of are 

  • weeding your beds
  • trimming your shrubs
  • cleaning out gravel areas
  • straightening landscape borders
  • lawn fertilization 
  • and much more! 


All of these services can keep your landscape looking beautiful all year long.

2. Mulch Application

If you haven’t applied mulch to your yard, then fall is the perfect time to do so. You could need a whole new layer, or just fluff up what you already have. 

A reputable landscaping provider like Archer can help you mulch your lawn to keep it healthy and aesthetically pleasing. Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil, prevent erosion, maintain even soil temperatures, and prevent weed growth. 

However, there are right and wrong ways to apply mulch. If it’s too deep, then it can prevent water from reaching the roots of your plants or become a hiding place for outdoor pests. If you need help properly mulching your lawn, then a professional landscaping team like Archer can help.

3. Irrigation Installation

If you don’t have enough time to water your plants or just forget to do so, then a permanent irrigation system could be a great option for you. A professional will figure out where the best placement should be, how to optimize for the types of plants you have, and can offer routine maintenance on the pipes they install. 

Although there aren’t harsh winters in Houston, temperatures can drop to where your pipes may be in danger of freezing or cracking. It’s important to hire a professional who can inspect them if there ever is any worry of low temperatures damaging them.

Looking for any of the services mentioned above? Don’t wait to get in touch with us today if you need any regular maintenance, mulching, irrigation installations, and more.

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