How to Water Your Lawn Efficiently: Lawn Care Cypress, TX Experts’ Tips

May 11, 2016 | Articles

A beautiful lush lawn is a reason of pride and pleasure for many homeowners. But the hot months are about to come, and high temperatures are about to hit us all. Of course, in terms of lawn care, late spring, summer, and fall have one thing in common, lawn care Cypress, TX experts say… lawn watering. This is a very important issue in the context of water consumption restrictions and generally in the context of resources preservations. Our landscaping Conroe, TX experts joined their lawn care Cypress, TX colleagues and offer you a quick but comprehensive guide on efficient and environmental friendly watering for your turfs and gardens.

1. Adjust Your Mowing Routine

Mowing the lawn too often or cutting the grass too low can harm your lawn and unintentionally expose it to drying. Moreover, mowing the lawn in the same pattern and direction week after week may lead to divots formation and lawn stress. The advice here is to change the directions you mow in every week, so you don’t stress the grass from repeated wheel tracks. Also, mow your lawn according to the recommended grasses mowing height. If you don’t know which they are, ask your lawn care Cypress, TX experts to offer you a comprehensive table containing the grass types you have on your property and their recommended mowing heights.

2. Respect the Watering Guidelines

Not all lawns sport the same features, but you can still follow some general Texas turfs watering guidelines offered by your local lawn care Cypress, TX team. For instance, for established lawns, in the month of April, you should water your lawn 2-3 times per week, for 15 to 20 minutes, starting at 4 a.m. However, this is not an immutable rule. The advice here is to always monitor your lawn and water it according to the soil type, its pH, and the types of vegetation you grow in some areas on your property, the shade areas and the mulch layers you already have installed or plan to add.

3. Optimize Your Irrigation System

Check with your local water authority and see if you qualify for incentives or rebates for using a smart irrigation system. If you already use an automatic one, you should also consider using a smart controller. This is a device which regulates when and how much water to be used by the sprinklers’ system. Sometimes such devices come with a rain sensor which puts the irrigation process on hold every time it rains. Another way to optimize your irrigation system is to always check for leaks. A leaky or broken sprinkler can overwater your lawn in some areas and burden your watering bill. If you want to follow the water conservation guidelines and save some money, have the lawn care Cypress, TX experts regularly check and fix all your leaky or broken landscape irrigation systems.

There are other ways to save water and still enjoy a sparkling green lush lawn and garden. Rely on your local lawn care Cypress, TX experts to water your lawn according to the best practices guidelines and enjoy your green landscape and your acceptable watering bills.



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