Top Lawn Fertilizers in Texas

Feb 18, 2020 | Lawn Fertilization

Don’t be deceived by that Texas sunshine – yes, it’s necessary for a healthy lawn, but it’s not all your lawn needs.

Even if you don’t have a dedicated landscaping background, you’re probably aware that grass needs water and nutrients in addition to abundant sunshine. It can be difficult for your yard to get all 17 critical plant nutrients in the right amounts through rainfall alone. This is why fertilizers are important.

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4 Lawn Fertilizers to Use for Spring Landscaping

When you’re considering the top landscaping fertilizers that could help enrich your lawn or garden,  you may want to try the following options.

1. MicroLife 6-2-4 All Organic Biological Fertilizer

This is a versatile multi-purpose fertilizer that can be used on most turf types. Whether you’re looking to nurture trees or flowers, this product has the slow-release properties to give every plant the right amount of nutrients it needs and at the proper pace. Besides critical nutrients, it offers natural plant hormones and stimulators.

2. MicroLife Ultimate 8-4-6 All Organic Biological Fertilizer

Though this has the most powerful composition possible for commercial fertilizer, it will not burn your lawn and still maintains the slow-release properties needed to nurture multiple types of plant life. In addition to providing the essential minerals and vitamins plants need, it offers essential amino acids and other additives beneficial to over 70 plant species.

3. MicroLife Humates Plus All Organic Biological Soil Amendment

This concentrated compost formula is especially useful for reducing water use among plants on surfaces like turfgrass. It’s also helpful for loosening up clay soils and for use in flower beds. Finally, it can combat weed growth and is also useful when spread in conjunction with either of the above options.

4. MicroLife Hybrid 20-0-5 Organic Biological Fertilizer

This crossover fertilizer option has a high quality despite being a formula aimed at going “green.” While the Nutralene substitute for nitrogen isn’t truly organic, it’s blended with organic potassium sulfate and emery humates. This helps soil microbes, which allow your plants to flourish whether you’re growing a simple lawn or an elaborate garden.

Finding the Right Solutions for Your Lawn

When you’re looking for lawn fertilizers, any small nursery or feed supply store is likely to have these products or ones that are comparable. Even if you don’t have a lot of experience using fertilizers, you can use them with confidence as they come with easy to follow instructions.  Having these products on hand will allow you to give your lawn a boost when needed.  Of course, when in doubt, call in the pros.

Archer Lawns is a landscaping expert that specializes in perfecting your outdoor space. From simple maintenance to fertilization, they offer the solutions you need to keep your grass looking gorgeous in spring and beyond.




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