Top Benefits of Residential Landscape Design

Jan 29, 2020 | Landscape Design

If you’ve ever been on the fence about hiring a professional landscape design service, we understand. With all the DIY ideas out there, Texas homeowners have more options than ever before to choose from. Yet, no one knows you as you do. So, you’ll know what you can handle and what you should leave in the experienced hands of landscape design experts.

Real Benefits of Landscape Design Services

Whether you choose to do-it-yourself or work with professionals, there’s no question of the benefits that come to homeowners. In this article from Archer Services, we share four of the top benefits that residents can receive from having landscape design services. However, what most homeowners don’t know is that choosing DIY or hiring a professional will be on the basis of goals, time, and budget.

Before we take a deeper look into these benefits for Texas residents, let’s consider the associated expenses that come with DIY.

DIY Expenses Can Include:

    • The cost of redoing a project due to lack of experience
    • Purchasing extra tools for new projects
    • Repurchasing additional materials for redoing projects or design mistakes
    • Hiring contractors to help you finish a project
    • The overall purchase of your needed materials
    • The cost associated with hiring day labor or paying for extra helping hands

Overall, some homeowners are able to handle these expenses as well as the stress that can come with it. And regardless of their choice, they still experience various benefits from their new landscape design.

Top 4 Benefits of Professional Landscape Design Services

Instead of taking up the task of doing landscaping by yourself, if you’re like most of us, you’ll hire an expert. In doing so, you’ll soon experience the benefits of working with professional landscaping services.

1. It Adds Resale Value

Hiring a professional landscaping service will give you a return on your investment. In a study by Turf Magazine, it suggests that a home valued at $150,000 could bring an increased value of $8,250 to $19,050 with upgraded landscaping designs.

This means that a reasonable investment in landscape design services for your front and/or backyard space will yield a significant ROI.

2. You Ultimately Save Money

As a DIYer, you’ll have to pay all the upfront costs for tools and materials needed to complete the project. Although you’re saving on labor, you will not save on purchasing necessary materials and expensive equipment, or on making mistakes. Professional landscaping companies, however, often have special partnerships with landscape suppliers and can purchase materials at wholesale prices. Consequently, these same discounts and benefits aren’t available for the average customer. So, if you have a landscaping provider, he or she can pass these savings directly on to you.

Moreover, professionals will already have a supply of the necessary materials and equipment to complete your landscape design. In the end, what you save in hiring a professional can ultimately offset the overall cost of doing the job yourself.

3. Lowers Your Water Bill

If you have an expansive lawn, it requires extra watering each week. This means you will use hundreds of gallons per month just watering your lawn in addition to your standard household water needs. Since most landscaping services offer low-cost lawn maintenance services, they can also provide professional watering tips.

Additional services include lawn care, fertilization, edging, and yard cleanup. Along with landscape design services, many provide irrigation services as needed. Therefore, they can help you adjust and efficiently program your watering sprinkler system to cut water bills down significantly.

4. You’ll Spend More Time Making Memories

This is the fun part of having landscape services, and it’s the best thing about hiring a professional. You and your family ultimately save time. When the hassle and stress from outdoor tasks go away, you have more free time.

This means instead of spending countless hours mowing the lawn, doing yard cleanup, or concentrating on time-consuming landscaping projects, you can just enjoy the outdoors. Who wouldn’t enjoy spending more time with family and friends while also making memories in your personal outdoor spaces?

How SE Texans Ultimately Benefit

Living in Texas is not like any other state in the United States. Our weather is pretty fair, which means residential landscaping maintenance is a year-round process. Which, in turn, results in the fact that Texas yards require more consistent care than states that experience seasonal weather.

Whether you’re looking to add resale value for your home, lower your expenses, or not have to worry about time-consuming yard work, expert landscapers can help. For those in the Houston area, freely connect with Archer Services for more information. 281-203-7615



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