Lawn Maintenance Tips for a Spring-Ready Yard

Mar 15, 2018 | Lawn Maintenance

It’s great to get back outside and continue lawn maintenance duties after a long winter spent indoors. Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and everything looks new and fresh. However, after you’ve admired the first blooms of the season, it’s time to prepare your Texas yard for a season of healthy growth. Find out how to get things ready for spring with the following important lawn maintenance tips.

Water Correctly

The right time to water the lawn is whenever it’s needed. At the start of spring, however, there’s no rush. Grass starts growing from the roots up, and if the ground is a bit dry, those roots will go deeper into the soil in search of water. If grass blades don’t bounce back after being stepped on, it’s time for lawn watering. Call a local professional for spring lawn watering advice.

Fill in Empty Spaces

Don’t leave any bare patches on the lawn, because weeds will surely grow into them. Fill in the bare spots with sod patches or grass seed and be sure to prepare the soil properly before beginning. A lawn maintenance expert can pull weeds, loosen the soil surface, and get it ready for planting. Seeds must stay moist until germination occurs, and in most cases, daily watering is required after planting. Sod patches should be kept slightly moist, but not soggy.

Keep Weeds in Check

Healthy lawns are resistant to weeds, but even the most well-kept lawn may have a dandelion or two. While it’s easy to pull a stray weed here and there, more widespread issues should be left to the lawn care experts. Weeding is one of the most important springtime lawn care chores, because weeds compete with grass for water and nutrients. Local lawn maintenance providers can recommend the right herbicides and other products for a healthy, weed-free lawn.

Don’t Bag Grass Cuttings

Grass clippings are a useful source of nourishment for a lawn. They’re packed with nitrogen, which grass needs, and they decompose quickly, providing fast fertilization. Rather than bagging clippings, ask the lawn care provider to return the clippings to the soil. Cuttings can also be used as mulch in flowerbeds and under shrubs, but they should always be dried before use.

Don’t Fertilize Right Away

While the shelves at local garden shops and home improvement centers are filled with bags of fertilizer at the beginning of the season, spring isn’t the right time for lawn feeding. Early-season fertilization encourages rapid growth, which means more frequent mowing and more weed growth. Texas lawns are often made of Bermuda grass, zoysia and other warm-season grasses, which means they shouldn’t be fed until they come out of winter dormancy. Lawn care professionals can apply fertilizer designed for the local climate and the customer’s grass, and they’ll apply it in a way that keeps it out of rivers, streams, lakes, and the water supply.

Connect with Landscape Design Professionals

Texans are looking forward to a fresh, green lawn and happy spring season. By following these climate-specific lawn maintenance tips, you can grow a healthy, lush lawn to enjoy all spring and summer long. If you don’t have the time or the know-how in Houston, at Archer Services, we make it easy and convenient for you by providing affordable highly-professional lawn care and landscape design services. To find out how we can help keep your Houston lawn looking great this Spring season, call us at tel:281-203-7615.




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