Tips for Caring for Your Landscape Design

Dec 10, 2020 | Lawn Care Tips

Landscape design is a great way to extend your living space and make your home more enjoyable.  In the winter months, many people tend to ignore their landscaping elements because they are not able to use them. Yet, there are some simple things that you can do in the colder months to ensure that your landscaping is in prime condition come spring.

landscape design

Check for Structural Issues

Winter is a great time to take a walk outdoors and look at your landscaping elements. While you may not want to spend a lot of time outdoors, a few minutes to look at your deck or your raised planters or flower beds is a great idea.  During the winter months, there may not be as much plant growth so you may be able to see issues that need to be repaired.  You can make the repairs to your landscape design elements, or you can schedule repairs with a landscape architect.

Keeping Things Tidy

In the winter months it is easy to ignore the tidiness of your backyard space because you are not using it as much, but keeping it is tidy is important.  Your landscaping elements may hold more water and humidity if you do not clean up leaves and tools and toys, causing damage that you will not see until later.  Keeping things tidy will help encourage the health of plants and prolong landscaping elements.

Start Planning for Landscape Design

The winter months are also a great time to start thinking about new landscape design elements you want to add.  The fall is a perfect time to plant some shrubs, but even if the fall months have passed, the winter is time to plan.  If you have ideas you can call your landscape architect and discuss and make a plan so work can begin and you’ll have back yard or front yard landscaping you will enjoy when spring arrives.

Archer Services Wants to Plan with You

If you have current landscaping elements you want to upgrade or need help planning for new landscape design elements, Archer Services would love to help! We enjoy working with our Texas neighbors to create and plan for beautiful outdoor spaces. The winter is a perfect time to plan so contact us or call us today at 281-801-4640 so we can get started!



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