Supporting Your Lawn Through the Summer Heat

Jun 15, 2021 | Lawn Care Tips, Lawn Maintenance

Summer Lawn


The hot days of summer are upon us.  Most of us take the health of our grass for granted, but as temperatures ramp up you may notice that your grass doesn’t appear as vibrant and healthy as it did throughout the spring months.  There are some simple, yet effective things that you can do to support your lawn throughout the hottest days of the year.

Watering Your Lawn

It’s important to provide your grass with the water it needs, as all organic matter will eventually wither away if it does not receive the water it needs.  In the summer it is better to have a regular watering schedule.  Early morning watering is best as it avoids unnecessary evaporation.  Your typical yard will need about one inch of water per week from rain and watering combined.  In the summer it is more effective to water for long periods, less frequently.  This can usually be achieved in watering 20-30 minutes per area, dependent on your water pressure.

It’s important to remember that you can overwater, even in the summer months.  Over-watering will keep the roots and soil too damp, encouraging the growth of fungus, which will also invite pests.

Mowing Your Lawn

In the summer months you’ll need to mow your grass more often, for optimal health you’ll need to mow to the proper height.  For your grass to withstand the warmer temperature you’ll want to mow to the recommended height for your type of grass. It is tempting to mow as short as possible so you have to mow less often, but cutting your grass too short will result in roots that dry out and overheat.

As a good rule of thumb you should remember:

  • Cool-season grasses should be cut at three to five inches
  • Warm-season grasses should be cut at two to three inches.

Always mow with a sharp mower blade.  Dull blades will tear the grass, making it more susceptible to disease.

Fertilize Appropriately

When your lawn starts to feel the heat and is looking like it could use some support, you may want to run out to the store and grab some fertilizer.  Feeding is never a bad idea, but you need to be sure that you’re feeding it appropriately.  During the hot days of summer, you will want to avoid fertilizers that are high in nitrogen, as nitrogen will encourage new growth.  New growth generally doesn’t survive the hottest days of summer and it will be wasted energy.  Ask your local landscaping company what fertilizers will be best for your outdoor space at any time.

Archer Services Wants to Help You Beautify Your Lawn for Summer

Are you ready to beautify your lawn?  If you dream of an outdoor space that will allow you to enjoy the outdoors even during the heat of the summer, we would love to help!  Contact us today so we can discuss your visions and we will work on your behalf to make them happen.



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