Spring has Sprung: Landscaping Tips for the New Season

Mar 31, 2021 | Lawn Blog

After a deep freeze in February, most Houston area residents are ready to welcome spring with open arms.  Spring begins new growth and suddenly our area will be exploding with color.  Is your outdoor landscaping ready for spring?  Some simple tips will have your lawn ready to be enjoyed!

Simple Tips for Spring

Trees and Shrubs. This is a great place to start because it will make you feel accomplished and benefit the overall health of your plant life.  Take a good look at your trees and shrubs.  Are there any dead branches or splits from the freeze?  Prune back any growth that doesn’t look healthy as this will allow new growth and healing to take place.

Fertilize your lawn.  The spring is a great time to fertilize as it can jump-start the growth process and provide support to those cold damaged plants that you may have around your lawn.  When fertilizing, don’t forget the trees and shrubs, too!

Weed control. While you may not yet have weeds popping up, they will be here soon.  Pre-emergent weed control for things such as crabgrass is a great idea.

Clean plant beds.  Plant beds often fill with old leaves and debris from the fall and winter months.  Spring is a great time to clean those beds out, edge them, and ready them for new plant growth.

New mulch.  It’s that time of year!  Add an inch of fresh mulch to plant beds and around trees.  The mulch mustn’t touch the tree trucks, it should just cover the root area to help maintain moisture and help keep the roots cool in the hot summer temperatures.

Check your sprinklers. Now that the weather is warming up you’ll be turning on your sprinklers.  This is a good time to see if the irrigation system is working and if any repairs need to be done.

Ready to Upgrade Your Landscaping?  Archer Services Can Help!

If you have readied your yard for spring but would like to add some new components such as walkways, flower beds, patios, outdoor kitchens, or anything else, Archer Services would love to help!  As Houston area residents, we are your neighbors and understand and specialize in what grows well here as well as what is easy to maintain and will complement your architecture!  Contact us or call us today at 281-801-4640 for a landscaping consultation!



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