Spring Has Sprung & Clover Everywhere! You Should Embrace It

Mar 23, 2020 | Landscape Maintenance

Spring is in the air! Clover seems to announce the spring season by announcing itself loud and proud in our outdoor spaces.  If you have tried every weed and feed product on the market and still have clover in your lawn, it may be time to embrace it.  You may be surprised to learn that clover is not all bad.

Clover Pumps Up the Color

If you’re tired of looking out and seeing brown spots in your lawn you aren’t alone! The good news? Clover will always add a pop of color to the lawn.  It will stay bright and green even through a drought!  It has deep roots that allow it to tap into the water even when the rest of the lawn is lacking water and feeling the effects of dry spells.  Clover always gives the lawn a lush, green and healthy look.

Clover Fertilizes the Rest of the Lawn

Have you been weeding and feeding with the hopes of killing off the invasive clover? You may just want to embrace it!  Remarkably, clover fertilizes naturally as it heals nitrogen-deficient soil.  This sneaky little weed can take nitrogen from the air and deposit it in the soil.  The result is improved soil and grass.  While clover can be invasive, it is also working to improve your soil and overall look of your lawn and garden.

Clover Weeds out the Competition

That’s right, while clover is technically a weed itself, it will squeeze out other weeds that attempt to grow in your outdoor space.  The reason for this is that clover simply doesn’t allow room for other weeds to grow.  You don’t even need a magical four-leaf variety of clover for this to occur as clover is simply the most organic weed killer you’ll find!

Clover Welcomes the Right Kind of Friends

Our lawns require more than the care that we personally give them as part of the greater ecosystem.  Clover is an amazing addition to any yard space because its nectar attracts bees that are vital to the sustainability of other plants.  It also attracts parasitoid wasps, which prey on harmful insects that can negatively impact your outdoor space.

Overall, clover helps to create a diverse outdoor space.  The more diverse the outdoor space, the more likely it is to thrive.

Clover Smells Good

If you dread going outdoors and smelling chemicals that you have poured on your lawn, you will be relieved to learn that clover smells wonderful!  It has a naturally light, clean scent that will make your outdoor space smell great!  Not only does it look great, contain weeds, fertilize and attract all the right elements, but it also makes your outdoor space smell great! What’s not to love?

Let Us Nurture Your Clover Friendly Lawn

If you have decided to make friends with clover, we would love to help!  Give us a call today so we can help you create and maintain the most diverse, natural and healthy outdoor space.

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