Save Water on Lawn Management: Three Simple Alternatives

Mar 14, 2016 | Lawn Blog, Plants

Did you know that recent data showed that almost 1/3 of the total U.S. residential water consumption is dedicated to lawn irrigation? And if we corroborate these statistics with the fact that Texas is considered a challenged area, very much concerned with the preservation of water resources, there is no wonder that lawn care Houston, TX experts, horticulturists, landscape artists, and environmentalists are doing their best to find alternative solutions to these problems.

One of the solutions to contain the issue of water waste in the region is to replace the traditional turf with… something else. Can one still enjoy a gorgeous front yard in the absence of green grass and lush vegetation? Can one achieve a less water-consuming landscape and still take pride in his picture-perfect designed property? Our lawn care Houston, TX specialists, together with their landscaping Cypress, TX colleagues are willing to share their knowledge today.

1. Native Plants Landscapes

Also called “freedom lawns” or “low maintenance” landscapes, such properties feature a mix of weeds, grasses, clover, chickweed, crabgrass, shrubs and wildflowers which are resilient to the climacteric conditions of the area, need little to no watering, little fertilization or pest control. The traditionalists may consider such alternative as a blasphemy; such property would be, realistically, a weed farm. However, with the right lawn care Houston, TX experts by your side, with the correct ornamental trimming, mowing, and containing, such weed based lawns and landscapes can save you a lot of water and a lot of maintenance money.

2. White Clover Carpets

Clover is generally considered a weed, but together with dandelions, it makes a pleasant-looking one, not to mention that white clover is self-sustainable. It is true that this small plant prefers shade and moist, but it is incredibly resistant to hot temperatures. Think about it this way: instead of a turf lawn, you can enjoy a sparkling green clover carpet. It preserves its leaves green for almost the entire year and it gifts you small white flowers in summer. It can extract its own nitrogen out of the thin air, thus fertilizing itself. It can survive without water for prolonged periods of time and is also resilient to other weeds. Some already replaced their traditional turfs with clover carpets and observed a significantly lower water bill on the long term.

3. Hardscapes and Masonry

Cutting the lawn size is a solution we talked about some time ago, emphasizing on cutting water costs, maintenance costs and saving some time and effort. Our landscaping Houston, TX experts noticed another trend in the preservation of resources approach: hardscape. Pavers, brick patios, wooden decks, stone terraces, cobblestone pathways, sand gardens, they minimize the need for watering and fertilization. In dry areas, container gardens, ponds, fire pits, curbstone surfaces, and walkways represent more than just water saving, but the rise of the “dry-landscape” trend. The minimization of the turf surface and the mixing of hardscape with native plants can still offer you enough shade and comfort even under the scorching Texan sun.

Do you agree with our lawn care Houston, TX experts’ ideas? Would you replace your turf to save water?



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