The Rules on Using Pesticides: Lawn Care Specialists’ Advice

Jul 26, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance

Lawn care means more than mowing the turf, planting flowers or watering the grasses and the plants correctly. It also comes with a huge responsibility: using pesticides to keep creepy crawlers away from your lawn and garden. We are used to pouring chemicals in order to protect our assets, but we sometimes tend to forget how damaging they can be for plants, animals and the environment. Today, our lawn care Tomball, TX experts want to summarize and explain the rules of thumb of using pesticides and insecticides on your properties.

1. Have Patience

Some pests come and go and sometimes they don’t need more than an efficient cleaning, fertilization and watering program to disappear. If you have a serious pest infestation on your property and feel that only chemicals can solve the problem, then follow the next rule:

2. Use Organic Pest-Control measures

The organic approach can solve the problem slower but has long-term beneficial effects. Home-made pest control mixtures, pest-repellent herbs, the introduction of beneficial insects and organic products don’t harm the soil, the vegetation and the micro-ecosystem you host on your property. If you need help in applying the best organic pest control solutions to solve the problem, ask your lawn care Tomball, TX experts for advice.

3. Call a Professional Team

If you have a regular lawn care Tomball, TX company managing your lawn and garden, you won’t have pest problems, as their long-term maintenance program includes regular pest control activities. But if you take care of your property on your own, you should call an expert team for this one-time job. Pros can quickly assess the seriousness of the pest infestation and they can custom-tailor substance mixes to work on the pests without endangering the soil and the vegetation. They can offer you a long term pest control program that keeps the environment, you and your family members safe and sound.

4. Follow the Rules

If you don’t have a choice and want to take the pest problem in your own hands, then carefully select the pesticides you are about to use and follow the instructions on the labels. Pesticides are plant-specific and insect-specific so do things exactly how they are described on the labels. Pick the less toxic chemical possible and respect the dosages, the mixing instructions and the destination of the said chemicals.

5. Don’t Use Broad-Spectrum Pesticides

Broad spectrum pesticides should always be avoided. Such pesticides can kill the pests they are aiming for but also other plants, beneficial insects, other plants, vegetables and more. They can infiltrate the soil and water and turn veggies and herbs into dangerous edibles.

6. Don’t Use Systemic Pesticides

Systemic pesticides represent the monster under our beds – we blame them for major health issues as they affect crops and edible plants. Such pesticides are absorbed by veggies and herbs and you don’t want to feed your family with food that is suspicious of not being safe for human consumption.

If you want to truly contain a pest attack on your property, keep these rules in mind and talk to your local lawn care Tomball, TX experts.




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