Tips: Routine Lawn Care as Part of the Lawn Management Plan

Oct 12, 2015 | Articles

You have to admit it, lawn care and project management are very much alike. Just as any project in any field, lawn maintenance needs to be divided in actions, according to a calendar. Moreover, it has to be founded on a budget and be assigned with the right tools and resources. Lawn care Woodlands, TX experts see lawn management as a very serious year-long project. And for this project to lead to the envisioned results, a series of routine maintenance tasks are in order.

Statistics say that the average U.S. lawn care budget goes up to around $5,000, usually including mowing, fertilization, pest control, landscaping and additional services. And since this budget is not small, in order to keep spending in check, you need to implement regular maintenance activities, just as you do with cars and household appliances. Let’s see what lawn care Woodlands, TX experts tell us to do on a regular basis in order to implement efficient lawn management and maintenance.

Daily Lawn Care Tasks

To supervise the lawn and prevent any problems, daily inspection is a must. Look for weeds, pests, soil spots, grass damages and disease. Watering may be a daily task in some cases. However, weeding and controlling the soil are top-list management actions.

Weekly Lawn Care Tasks

Lawn maintenance Cypress, TX experts include mowing on this list. Next in line come trimming, sweeping and pruning. More serious weed control and dethatching (if the case) also go on this list.

Monthly Lawn Care Tasks

Things get a little more serious, as you should add new mulch monthly to keep weeds in check and make sure the soil has enough moisture and nutrients. Regular monthly checks to the irrigation system, the cleaning and sprinkle repairs, if necessary, ensure an efficient, money saving functioning.

Seasonal Lawn Care tasks

When seasons change, the lawn needs special treatment. You need to fertilize to help grass and plants grow, or protect them from the excess temperatures, be them hot or cold. Aeration should be included in seasonal tasks, together with mulching – as it protects frail plants when winter comes. A general cleaning is in order, to prevent pests from making their home on your property. Depending on the season, you may want to plant new seeds or take tender plants inside for the winter.

Having all these activities laid out on a calendar and each having a budget assigned to it will help you better keep your spending in check and have a healthy lush lawn all year long. If you need expert help, do not hesitate to contact a specialized lawn service Woodlands, TX residents trust.



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