Quarterly clean-ups are an essential part of any landscaping service. Ensuring your lawn is taken care of during every season of the year is important, especially living in Texas where your lawn is visible all year long. Our backyard landscaping business offers great backyard landscaping services for your quarterly clean-ups.

Archer Lawn Care Quarterly Care

Standard Quality Clean Up

We have standard services that we offer the residents in the Houston area. Our standard Quarterly Clean Up includes a full or partial landscape cleanup which includes the following services as needed:

  • Weed all beds: This will ensure you won’t have any weeds in the near future around your beautiful plants. This will give your garden and lawn the aesthetic appearance you are looking for.
  • Prune and trim all shrubs: Pruning is a great service that helps your flowers keep their shape and size. Through this, we will remove any dead branches, limbs, and spent blooms. This service will help your flowers grow properly and stay healthy. Trimming or hedging is also a great service because this can keep your bushes equal in shape and size, making them visually appealing.
  • Clean all debris out of the beds: There may be some branches, leaves, or any other debris that is laying within your garden beds that is making your garden look messy. We can help you by cleaning out the debris to highlight your gorgeous plants.
  • Create a new edge in the landscape beds: It can be important to have a border around your garden. This can be helpful to keep the mulch and other aspects of your garden within a contained space.
  • Straighten the landscape stone borders: If you already have a stone border, it can be visually beneficial to have it straightened. It can become uneven during storms or when your children or pets are playing in the backyard.

Archer Services Lawn Care

Additional Services

We also offer other quarterly clean-up backyard landscaping services that are at an additional charge. This is because they take more time and are a bigger project than the previous services.

  • Replace dead bushes: If you notice one or more of the bushes in your garden is dead, you may want to get it replaced. A dead bush is not great for curb appeal because it can be an eyesore. Getting a brand new bush that is alive can be important to your home’s curb appeal and your home’s aesthetic appearance.
  • Plant new seasonal flowers: Having the most up-to-date flowers planted in your garden can make people see that you are invested in your garden. This can show that you have a love for flowers and you want to have new seasonal flowers planted every quarter of the year.
  • Mulch all beds: Mulch can give you that appealing garden look. Mulching is a great service that can make your garden look more aesthetically pleasing. There are also horticultural benefits that come with putting new mulch down every season. It can help eliminate weeds growing as well as help your plants retain water better.

According to Yourgreenpal.com, in the US, about 25% of households have gardens. If you are one of that 25%, it may be beneficial to hire one of the top landscaping companies in Houston and get quarterly clean-ups.


We make sure that all hard surfaces after work is completed are cleaned up before leaving the job site, so you won’t have to worry about the aftermath.

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