Lawn Care The Woodlands, TX: Spring Lawn Care Dos and Don’ts

Apr 21, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance

Now that spring finally seems here to stay, many residents get struck by the so-called “spring fever.” Lawn care The Woodlands, TX specialists can easily recognize the signs and symptoms: homeowners rush to get their hands on tools, substances, seeds, flower bulbs and chemicals to start working on their lawns and gardens. However, just like everybody knows, having a little patience is sometimes worth more than being the first one to start the race. Today, lawn care The Woodlands, TX experts talk about a few dos and don’ts when it comes to spring lawn care and gardening activities.

1. Do: Lawn and Garden Evaluation

The first thing you should do is perform a serious property assessment. You need to test the soil, understand moist levels, and assess the presence of fungi or mold. Before starting gardening, your lawn care in The Woodlands, TX specialists should conduct a soil test and then decide if there’s need for special soil and lawn treatments.

2. Don’t: Weed Pre-Emergence Management

Weeds are about to pop up their ugly heads, but it’s not the right time for you to begin spring gardening and lawn care with weed pre-emergence treatments. This action might actually stress the turf and the dormant roots and seedlings.

3. Do: Clean, Rake, and Remove

There is not a lot of snow mold to fight off in your area, but winter took its toll, so some amounts of debris are still a problem you need to solve. Use the leaves rake instead of the usual garden rake to gently clean the lawn without stressing it. Dead leaves and tissue need to be removed carefully and leave room for the turf to grow as the weather gets better and better.

4. Don’t: Start Mowing Just Yet

There are probably few grass blades to mow right now, but even if there are, don’t start mowing just yet. Lawn care and landscaping Conroe, TX experts insist you let the turf reach its recommended mowing height before you start cutting it. Same goes for fertilization: let the grass grow strong and tall before you use fertilizers.

5. Do: Organize Your Regular Spring Lawn Care Activities

In other words, get your lawn mower ready: sharpen its blades, fix it if it’s broken and make sure it works at its best potential. Have an aeration and overseeding plan ready to implement if your lawn care team advised you to take this activity into consideration. Read some lawn care and landscaping catalogs and magazines and see if you’d like to implement some upgrades this year.

5. Don’t: Plant Anything without Professional Support

You might feel compelled to start planting flowers, shrubs, trees and hedges, but you have plenty of time for that. Let spring settle here once and for all and then ask your local lawn care and landscaping The Woodlands, TX experts to give you a hand with revamping and refreshing your front lawn and garden with the proper vegetation.

Before going outside lawn mower blazing, talk to your local lawn care The Woodlands, TX experts. They will come down, make a full property assessment and implement a proper lawn management plan.



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