Lawn Care Tips During a Texas Freeze

Jan 23, 2018 | Lawn Care Services

Unfortunately, many Texas residents aren’t familiar with winter lawn care needs and services, especially during a hard freeze. Yet, everyone wants a healthy, lush lawn by the time the Spring season arrives, as a green lawn and beautiful landscape can do wonders to the aesthetics of any home’s exterior. However, this can only be achieved through proper care in winter and will result in your Texas lawn looking great year-round. Check out these useful tips to keep your lawn in good shape throughout the Texas winter months.

Start Early

Err on the side of caution and start lawn care tasks to prep your Texas lawn for winter well in advance. While moisturizing the soil with a hose can be done even at the last moment, reducing blade length or fertilizing the soil cannot be done after the winter freeze begins.  Fertilizing in the Fall season is vital to protecting vegetation during the winter time.

Avoid Fertilizing through Leaves

Leaving fall leaves and debris that has fallen on the grass and hoping it will degrade and end up fertilizing the soil can prove to be a costly mistake. There is no guarantee that the soil will get all the required nutrients from the leaves. Secondly, leaves will keep the ground wet and may expose your Texas lawn to moss and weeds.

Instead, rake leaves, dispose of them, and use fertilizers, like ryegrass, recommended by lawn care experts to protect your grass through cold winter months.

Reduce Grass Blade Length Gradually

A lawn with long blades of grass will lose moisture faster when exposed to the winter winds and harsh cold. Shorter blades will retain moisture and prevent the soil from losing strength. This will improve the efficacy of your lawn care strategies and ensure your lawn looks great when spring arrives.

However, this should be done through gradual adjustment of your mower blades. The height of your grass should be reduced over many weeks to ensure the grass does not become brittle.

Drain your Sprinklers

Just as lack of moisture can hurt your lawn, sudden exposure to extremely cold water can also be very harmful. Drain your lawn sprinklers before winter arrives to minimize the risk of pipe bursts. This is important because your lawn can suffer significant damage by the time the pipe is repaired.

For Houston residents who don’t have the proper time and energy to care for their lawns, it’s best to consider hiring professionals to handle it for you.  At Archer Services, we’re your experienced lawn care and landscape design experts. We ensure that your lawn is well taken care of and looking great in every season, and regardless of Texas weather. To remove the hassles of lawn maintenance and ensure your peace of mind, contact Archer Services at 281-203-7615.



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