Lawn Care Tips to Observe Earth Day

Apr 11, 2018 | Blog

For nearly 50 years, there has been a day when Texans and other Americans alike can take pride in their lawn care and made a difference in the environment. Since 1970, people from around the world have celebrated Earth Day on April 22. This observance is not just a day to celebrate the earth, but also to focus on what can be done to keep the earth healthy and sustainable. Furthermore, many people also take the opportunity to learn about more earth-friendly options for their own home lawn care practices, and what they can do to be more conscious of the impact their landscaping habits might have. Below, Archer Services of Houston have provided some basic Texas lawn care tips to help you prepare for Earth Day 2018.

Plant a Tree

If you have the room in your yard, planting a tree is always beneficial. Replace older trees that could be dangerous if they’re starting to die, or just fill in a spot in your yard to create more shade. Choose fruit trees to have the benefits of adding a tree plus a tasty snack when the fruits are ripe. Fruit trees offer food, beauty, and an awesome scent to your outdoor landscape.

Look into Native Plants

Plants that are natively grow in your area tend to be easier to grow because they’re already adapted to the local climate. They often take less water to grow and are adapted to be used in the soil you already have so you don’t need to buy a lot of soil or additives to fix the ground or perform extra tasks during routine lawn care.

Look into Bug-Friendly Plants

Bees, butterflies, and other beneficial bugs need plants. Encourage them in your yard by planting the types of plants they prefer. They’ll help pollinate your plants and help keep pests out of the yard. Honeybees and similar bugs have been declining in recent years, and planting homes for them could help them make a comeback.

Create a Rain Barrel

There may be plenty of rain during certain periods, but where do you get the water for your lawn care the rest of the year? Instead of using water from the tap, you might want to look into creating a rain barrel. These can be simple or elaborate and can easily allow you to gather the water you need for your yard when it rains, and then you can utilize it during the dry months.

Consider Composting

Composting provides the best soil for your plants and can be used as fertilizer to help them grow beautifully. Plus, composting is easy to do, and it doesn’t smell awful when it’s done properly. If you’re interested, do a little research on how to compost on your own and start feeding your plants for free. This is ultimately great for the environment, and for your wallet.

Reduce Reliance on Chemicals

Start using more natural methods to keep pests out of the yard, feed your plants, and keep your garden looking great. Some of the tips here, like starting a compost pile or planting bug-friendly plants can help you reduce the chemicals you might use in your yard and still ensure it looks great.

Allow Professionals to Help Your Earth Day Planning

If you’d like to celebrate earth day this year by making your yard more earth-friendly, these lawn care tips should give you a great starting point. At the same time, Houstonians can also connect with Archer Services for professional landscape design and expert lawn care advice. We’re always glad to help Texans maintain a beautiful, earth-friendly landscape they can be proud of. At Archer Services, we take the hassle away and help you get back to simply enjoying a luscious lawn year-round.

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