Lawn Care Experts: Soil Diagnostics Based on Evolving Weeds

Apr 11, 2016 | Articles, Plants

Weeds are the enemy. This is something all homeowners loving their turfs and gardens know. On the other hand lawn care Spring, TX specialists know a few things more: some weeds are symptomatic for certain types of soil issues. Of course, some weeds would grow anywhere, not caring about a thing in the world. They don’t take into consideration the soil’s pH, moisture or dryness levels, nourishment and so on. Other weeds, however, indicate that you might want to conduct a soil testing as soon as possible. Let’s hear our lawn care Spring, TX experts talking about a few weeds and the soil diagnoses you can put based on their presence.

1. Ragweed

This is a Texas native weed and a real troublemaker for any property. It is resilient and poses a real threat not only to the lawn and vegetation but also to your health. If you see ragweed bursting all over the place, you have to do a soil test, as this for loves a poorly fertilized and nourished soil. Besides the use of herbicides, our lawn care Spring, TX experts recommend organic soil fertilization and the use of compost and bio fertilizers to feed the soil so that the ragweed is kept at bay.

2. Plantain

Another Texas native, this weed can give a headache to the most expert weed control Spring, TX specialist. Besides being extremely resilient to trampling and mowing, it also makes a frightening diagnostics tool: it loves a compacted soil with little hope. No matter what plantain variety found its home on your turf, you need a specialized lawn care Spring, TX company to perform a deep soil core aeration and provide you with a year-long fertilization plan.

3. Sorrel

Sorrel feels that many parts of Texas are its own property. This nightmarish weed is so hard to get rid of, many people lose hope. It may sometimes take two – three seasons in a row to fully get rid of it. As a soil issues indicator, we have to say that it evolves without worries in sandy and very dry soils, so you’ll be seeing it quite often around the state. It is also very fond of acidic soils as well. Call your lawn care Spring, TX company to conceive a long-term sorrel removal plan.

4. Nettle

Some people eat it (mostly cooked, not raw), others loathe it. Nettle is considered a weed in these parts, although in many European countries it makes a great ingredient for healthy dishes. It also makes an appraised ingredient in the cosmetic industry. But the stinging, perennial weed is a danger to children and pets if left uncontained on your property. It loves a moist, damp land to thrive on, so its presence is an alarm signal for the presence of clay in the soil. Don’t let it fool you; it is resilient enough to grow in drier, less friendly soils as well.

In case you stumble upon such weeds on your turf, call your lawn experts and make a thorough soil assessment!



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