Lawn Care: 3 Home Products Used as Pest Control & Fertilizer

Mar 8, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance, Plants

Many of our readers appreciate the importance of organic lawn care and management this is why they asked us to look a little bit more into the subject. While we have talked about plants, homemade products, herbs and insects before, this time, our lawn care Jersey Village, TX specialists want to present you with three items we all have around the house to use as both pest controllers and fertilizers. Of course, they won’t fully replace the need for specialized seasonal fertilization, weed control or anti-pest treatments.

Instead, they make good and added-value solutions to employ during your lawn care and gardening routines. Such home products are also recommended to be added to compost, in case you are making it at home, and act like natural pest fighters and reliable sources of nourishment for your flowers, vegetables, turf and trees. So let’s see what our lawn care Jersey Village, TX specialists, together with their landscaping Houston, TX colleagues have to say.

1. Coffee Grounds

Found in any American home, coffee grounds can be used dry or in water-based solutions.

Pest Control

Spread dry coffee grounds on the soil, especially in those areas crawled by ants or garden bugs. You can contain a serious ants’ emergence until your specialized pest control Jersey Village, TX pros come down your house.


Add a boost of nitrogen, phosphoric acid and potassium to the soil and nourish your evergreens, flowers, and berries by spreading dry coffee grounds spread in a thin layer on the soil. If you mix dry grounds with water, let the liquid rest for two days and soak the soil with it to nourish grasses, flowers, and plants.

2. Egg Shells

One of the most important sources of calcium, they are good for the garden as much as they are for human health.

Pest Control

Roughly crushed egg shells spread on the soil, in the garden and in between flowers and vegetable rows, will keep slugs and snails at bay – they will hurt their bodies, thus making them think twice before attacking your ornamental or edible plants.


Powdered eggshells, spread on the soil, will turn your tomatoes and other calcium-loving plants and vegetables, bigger, brighter in color and sweeter.

3. Banana Peels

Presenting high concentrations of potassium, bananas, and their peels make healthy choices for people and gardens as well.

Pest Control

Spread chopped banana peels around the garden, in between flowers, veggie rows, around trees and so on. Put them right under the soil line, around plant stems or in the holes you want to plant flowers or vegetables. They will keep aphids at bay and fend off many other pests.


If you use banana peels as described above, they will help your rose garden blossom more colorful and plentiful. The flowers will also get a more powerful, seducing scent. Also, they will strengthen the growth of other potassium-loving flowers and vegetables.

Before using organic fertilizers or pest controls, ask your local lawn care Jersey Village, TX experts to conduct a soil test and recommend you the best home products to use.



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