Lawn Care Jersey Village, TX Pros on Building a Fragrance Garden

Jul 15, 2016 | Articles, Plants

A beautiful lush garden is an asset to be proud of. But having a late night summer dinner enveloped in the scent of plants and flowers ads an emotion, a sense of happiness and accomplishment. This is why lawn care Jersey Village, TX pros and their landscaping Tomball, TX experts insist we add fragrant flowers and shrubs to our properties and add even more value to them. Today they will talk about five native plants which make incredible fragrant companions for all gardens and lawns.

1. The Prairie Rose

This climbing and twinning vine is an excellent addition to any property, especially if you want to embellish a front gate, an arch, a kiosk or a patio, an empty wall, a fence or a privacy screen. This rose type has no thorns and can climb up to 15 feet tall. It blooms in May, offering you the gift of rosy pink flowers. Throughout the season, the flowers’ color fades to white, putting up a true visual multi-hue show all summer long. It is resilient to both sun and shade and it develops healthily without needing too much maintenance.

2. Magnolias

If you wanted to add more trees to your property for shade or privacy, then hit more birds with one stone and add magnolias. These trees are legendary in these parts and everyone loves them. The large scented white flowers and the dark green glossy foliage offer you a visual show all year long. These are perennials needing little maintenance. However, make sure you test the soil first and treat it so it reaches a neutral-to-acidic ph. If the weather concerns you, you should know magnolias need moderate watering.

3. Chocolate Daisy

Who doesn’t love the delicious scent of chocolate? These perennial plants offer you an abundance of yellow daisy-like inflorescence and the sweet smell of chocolate. They are adaptable to almost all climacteric conditions but make sure you offer them a well drained soil. They grow up to 1-3 feet tall and wide and bloom from April to November.

4. Mountain Sage

Besides flowers and trees you can also cultivate fragrant shrubs. Mountain sage blooms in crimson red flowers from July to October, becoming the scented highlight of your front lawn or backyard outdoor living room. Being a deciduous shrub of the multi-branch variety, it can grow up to 5 feet tall. As maintenance is concerned, our lawn care Jersey Village, TX specialists recommend you to offer it a well drained soil.

5. Angel’s Trumpet

An all time favorite in these parts, Angel’s Trumpet is a medium size branching plant which blooms in trumpet looking flowers in white and an unforgettable and intoxicating fragrance. The flower becomes even more fragrant during late evening and night, so you should plant it around those spaces you use for summer night relaxation. Make sure you keep children and pets away from it, though, as all the plant’s parts are toxic.

Ask your lawn care Jersey Village, TX experts to help you choose the best fragrant plants for your property and enjoy not only a beautiful landscape, but also a lush patch of heavenly fragrance.



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