Lawn Care Experts Love Mosquito Repellent Herbs, and Spices!

Mar 19, 2016 | Articles, Plants

Nobody in the world loves mosquitoes and property owners have quite the troubles in keeping them at bay. Large lush properties with plenty of vegetation, waterscapes, swimming pools, trees, and hedges have to fend off mosquitoes since early spring to late autumn. While there are plenty of mosquitoes repelling manners out there, today our lawn care Jersey Village, TX experts came with a better idea: let’s plant some scented herbs and spices in our lawns and gardens and enjoy a life free of mosquitoes but full of freshly scented gourmet dishes!

1. Basil

Mediterranean diet loves basil on everything imaginable, from tomato salad to pasta and roast. Basil is a highly appraised scented herb which grows well both indoors and outdoors. To work as a mosquito repellent plant basil in flower beds, between vegetable rows and in container gardens. If you want to keep the pesky flies out of your home, plant basil in indoor pots. It makes a good companion plant for vegetables and many flower species.

2. Lemongrass

Lemongrass contains an essential oil designed by nature to repel mosquitoes: citronella. Rather exotic, lemongrass loves a well-drained soil and a place under the hot sun, so our lawn care Jersey Village, TX experts love it both as a powerful mosquito repellent and an incredible lemony addition to all your summer dishes. Spread lemongrass around the house for a perfectly scented ambient free of indoor mosquitoes.

3. Mint

Mint is one of those herbs that make incredible companions in any type of landscape or garden. Used as a medicinal herb in teas and plant concoctions, used as a fresh green spice in different delicious food recipes and used as a reliable pest repellent, mint may turn into your best friend very soon. Our landscaping Houston, TX colleagues recommend all mint species to be used as a companion plant for garden vegetables and flowers and as a mosquito repellent.

4. Rosemary

One of the highest appraised scented herbs, rosemary, just like mint, plays a triple role in your lawn and garden: it is a great spice for many different dishes; it works as an herbal remedy in many health issues and it is an incredible pest repellent. Rosemary likes to be around flowers, so you should plant it in flower beds and in between flower rows. It makes a great plant for a container garden and with the proper care it can also grow indoors. Needless to say, it makes a great mosquito repellent.

5. Garlic

Garlic makes one of the healthiest, tastiest and strongest mosquito repellent (and pest controller for that matter) in existence. Grow garlic for its culinary benefits and its power to alleviate many illnesses and health issues. Grow garlic to attract beneficial insects to your garden to pollinate fruit trees, fight off blights, accompany tomatoes and carrots (keeping them safe from pests and disease) and keep you safe from fungi infestations. If you still have room for garlic on your property, last but not least, plant garlic to radically fend off mosquitoes from your turf.



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