Lawn Care Experts Talk about Epsom Salt: Five Garden Uses

Feb 16, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance, Plants

The organic approach of lawn care seems to get more and more important for homeowners, who want the best for their lawns and gardens. We mentioned Epsom Salt a while back, but our readers requested our lawn care Humble, TX specialists to detail its concrete benefits and uses in the garden.

Before getting to the core of the problem, we need to give you some pieces of advice coming from our lawn care Houston, TX colleagues. First, always test the soil before using any type of fertilizer, be it organic or not. Secondly, you should know that Epsom Salt is very versatile and it can be used in many ways: incorporated in the soil as it is, or used as a solution which can be used to water the soil with or sprayed directly on foliage, veggies and flowers.

1. Achieve Greener Foliage

Sometimes, tree leaves, shrubs, hedges, vegetable leaves, flowers, and grasses may look yellow, dry or curled. This is a sign of a magnesium deficiency – provided you eliminated seasonal or other environmental causes which might have led to this situation. Use Epsom Salt in a solution and spray the yellow foliage once a month to keep it sparkling green.

2. Get More Flower Blossoms

Since Epsom Salt is rich in magnesium, it will do wonders to the blossoming process in your garden. According to lawn care Ovilla, TX experts, the use of Epsom Salt helps flowers grow stronger and more colorful. If you intend to plant some flowers soon, don’t forget to mix Epsom Salt into the soil. Also, you can spray the newly planted (or old) flowers with an Epsom Salt solution every 2-3 weeks. This treatment is especially recommended for roses, bougainvillea, azaleas, rhododendrons or gardenias.

3. Keep Your Lawn Thriving

Epsom Salt is not just a good fertilizer for flowers or vegetables. If you want your front yard turf to look lush and stay healthy all year long, spray the lawn with an Epsom Salt solution once a month. This treatment helps grass seeds germinate and develop into strong blades. The treatment ensures that the turf keeps its roots strong and healthy, despite weather changes, mowing stress or even physical damages.

4. Grow Sweeter Tomatoes

Spray your tomatoes with a mix of Epsom Salt and water frequently. The magnesium will help tomatoes develop a brighter red color, a larger size, and a sweeter taste.

5. Lower the Impact of Transplant Shock

Lawn care Humble, TX experts recommend us to use Epsom Salt to counter transplant shock in the flowers, plants and trees you move around the garden. Drench the soil with a mix of Epsom Salt and water after the transplants. This mixture boosts nutrient uptake and chlorophyll production – thus strengthening the plants’ roots.

Our lawn care Humble, TX specialists recommend you to ask your local landscaping contractor for advice on using Epsom Salt efficiently and safely.



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