Lawn Care Specialists’ Guide on Preventative Lawn Management

Jun 14, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance

The glorious warm climate of Houston is about to kick in full force and we need to be prepared for anything. Mid-spring lawn care activities include a lot of regular tasks and some preventative actions which will ensure your lawn and landscape will develop healthily and beautifully all summer season long. Today, our lawn care Houston, TX experts together with their lawn management Arlington, TX colleagues decided to give you a quick roundup of the most important spring-to-summer lawn management tasks and some tips on preventative lawn care actions.

Watering and Mowing Are Mandatory!

We told you before that proper watering techniques are a key-component of growing a lush and sparkling green lawn, no matter how high the temperatures get in the next months.

  • Deep and regular watering is the best thing you can do for your lawn – you may want to invest in a drip irrigation system or a smart landscape irrigation installation to make sure the roots of everything green have enough moisture to make it through the Texan summer.
  • Be thoughtful when it comes to your neighborhood’s watering regulations – if any – and talk to your lawn care Houston, TX local team to give you a hand to implement a correct watering schedule on your property.

When it comes to mowing, things are pretty straightforward as well: don’t cut the grass too short, as it will get damaged by heat and will allow the top soil to dry faster under the scorching sun. Raise your lawn mower blade as your lawn care Houston, TX company advises you to and don’t cut more than ⅓ of the grass blade each time you mow.

Lawn Care Preventative Measures

Summer comes with changes and negative effects on the soil, the grasses and the overall vegetation. Late spring is the perfect time to make sure your lawn gets as little damaged as possible and gets resilient to pests, summer weeds and severe climacteric changes. We all know an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so let’s see what you can do now to take positive effects in a month or two.

  • Lawn aeration: it goes without saying that aeration helps the soil get its necessary water, sun rays, oxygen and nutrients to allow the roots grow deeper and stronger so they can be safe during the heat wave or in the face of pests, weeds and disease.
  • Fertilization: you need to check with your local lawn care Houston, TX experts on the proper chemical fertilizers to use in summer, as many of them have a burning effect because of the heat and might severely damage your lawn. Organic fertilizers are a solid option, but make sure you pick the ones with slow release, so they can nourish your lawn during the summer heat.
  • Proper weed control: weed treatments are necessary in this time of year, before the temperatures rise too much. Your local lawn care Houston, TX company can help you with weed control measures that don’t harm the lawn, don’t clash with the heat to provoke damages and keeps your property free of weeds.



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