Lawn Care Houston, TX Pros on Sustainable Lawn Maintenance

Oct 3, 2015 | Articles

Lawn maintenance is a timely activity, needing the same task to be employed daily, monthly or every specific season. But if you want your property to be the best-looking in the neighborhood, you need to work very hard and spend a lot of money. Lawn care Houston, TX pros decided to share a few of their secrets today, so you can achieve sustainable lawn maintenance and make little efforts with great results on the year’s length.

1. Understand Your Garden

First you have to really know your lawn and garden in order to decide on those strategies meant to increase lawn sustainability, our lawn maintenance Cypress, TX colleagues say. Check the soil first and identify its needs, strengths and weaknesses, to decide on what grass, plants and shrubs go where. Check for the everlasting shadow areas and match them with the proper trees or flowers. Asses the weeds presence and possible pests and apply soil treatments, weed and pest control measures to last you a long time.

2. Buy the Right Tools

Sustainable lawn maintenance can only be done with professional tools. Invest in high-quality equipment with reliable warranty and a good reputation. In case you don’t know what to choose, our lawn care Houston, TX team can help you make an informed decision. Always keep the lawn mower blades clean and sharp to avoid stressing and damaging the grass. Always check the tools before and after lawn care and lawn maintenance activities and always store them in a proper place.

3. Know Your Enemies

Keeping your weeds and pests at bay is quite difficult on the long term, but weed control Tomball, TX pros claim it’s not impossible. After assessing the soil and the risks threatening the lawn, you should know what herbicides to use and when, for the best results. Weed control experts recommend granular solutions, applied early in the morning. However, on the long run, sustainable lawn maintenance should take into account natural fertilizers, pre-emergent weed control treatments and soil aeration. Leaving lawn clippings on the ground also prevents weeds from spreading.

4. Irrigate Professionally

Sustainable lawn maintenance cannot be achieved without irrigation. Our irrigation services Houston, TX experts can offer you recommendations on the needed irrigation systems and can also provide you with sprinklers repairs and maintenance. Irrigation is essential for the growth of a healthy, lush lawn, saving you time and money.

Knowing your turf and choosing the best times and methods to apply, using the correct treatments and getting assistance from lawn care Houston, TX pros will guarantee you the best long term results.



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