Lawn Care: 5 Tasks for Better Lawn Maintenance and Gardening

Sep 19, 2015 | Articles

Lawn care Cypress, TX chores never end, according to the residents, as everybody wants their lawns and gardens to be charming, healthy and luxurious. While healthy competition among neighbors for the best looking property is welcome, you have to admit some chores take time and money. If you add the physical effort, attention, patience and routine, you might feel compelled to give up on the lawn altogether.

On the other hand, like all lawn care Cypress, TX residents know, the luscious green yards and turf are the ones heavily increasing their properties’ curb appeal. Moreover, as many plan to see their grandchildren play on that beautiful turf, lawn maintenance is more than a whim, is a task which benefits both the environment and the people living on that property.

So how can one manage the lawn better, faster, with less effort, for the best results? Here are some lawn care Cypress, TX tricks to employ, courtesy of our lawn maintenance Tomball, TX colleagues.

1. Save Time and Money with Smart Irrigation Systems

Instead of watering the lawn every day, superficially, or in excess, install smart irrigation systems. They can be optimized to water when they know it is best, using the correct amount of water.

2. Reduce Trimming Time with Mulch Added around Trees

Adding a ring of mulch around trees protects the newly planted ones and also saves you time and effort with trimming the grass around the trees. A 4-inch deep layer of mulch will make wonders as time and money are concerned.

3. Implement a Three-step Fertilization Plan

Lawn care Woodlands, TX pros recommend you fertilize the soil three times a year. Use either organic ingredients or chemical substances, but follow this three-step plan. Don’t skip one fertilization and don’t exaggerate with the nutrients either.

4. Follow the Three-inch Blade Height Rule

Lawn mowing Cypress, TX experts advise you to learn about the type of turf you have on your property. Depending on that you should cut it at different heights. Generally, specialists say you should leave grass blades 3 inches high.

5. Find a Reliable Lawn Care Denville, NJ expert

You may find it cheaper to maintain your own lawn, but on a long-term, a lawn maintenance provider will become more affordable. Also, a specialist will be able to help you with more sensitive problems, like tree rotting, weed and pest control, aeration, tree services and so on.

Do you know other tips and tricks for better lawn care and gardening you’d like to share?



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