Lawn Care Cypress, TX Experts on Summer Tree Care: A Short Guide

Jun 8, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance, Plants

We know all Cypress residents love their lawns and landscapes and they would do anything to keep them neat, clean, healthy and thriving. But in order to achieve such goals, you need to take care of every little aspect and every little green item you host on your property. We talked about protecting your trees in winter and making sure they are healthy in order to sustain a healthy landscape, but today, our lawn care Cypress, TX specialists want to sum up the most important points you need to pay attention to if you want to enjoy a gorgeous landscape.

1. Regular Tree Inspections

You should inspect your trees before anything else. Check the bark, the branches, the dead twigs and the growing foliage to spot any signs of suspicious disease or pest infestations. Look for spots, insects, leaves and blossom discoloration, bark cracks and so on. If you are serious about revamping your property this year, ask your landscaping Cypress, TX local team to help you move some trees or remove ones altogether, to plant new trees or to advise you on the best pruning period and methods. Inspect your trees at least once a week to track their evolution, especially in the new planted ones.

2. Tree Watering

Whether you have native or non-native trees on your property, they should be watered properly to face the local heat that is going to hit them hard in the next months. Even if they are resilient to local weather conditions, your trees should receive at least 1 to 1.5 inches of water weekly. Water the trees with a hose or install an irrigation system to take the burden off your shoulders. Check with your local water regulating organisms to make sure you use water efficiently without wasting it.

3. Tree Mulching

Mulch is the best fertilizer and defense system you can use in your garden this time of year. Add a 3 inch layer of mulch around each tree in a 3-foot ring keeping a 3-inch space around the tree trunk. You should never let mulch touch the tree bark. However, mulch retains soil moisture and nourishes the soil and roots, so use it generously to feed and protect your trees and shrubs, hedges and bushes as well.

4. Tree Bark Protection

Just as you use tree guards in winter, you should also use different types of fences, guards and protection measures in summer. There are plenty of pests and small wildlife which can harm your trees. Also, you can accidentally harm your trees with the lawn mower or other gardening tools. Make sure you install tree guards as your local lawn care Cypress, TX experts advise you to in order to still be able to water and fertilize the trees properly.

5. Tree Fertilization and Weed Control

This is the proper time to use pre-emergence weed treatments but it all depends on your type of soil, its drainage, the chemicals you use and your know-how. Get your local lawn care Cypress, TX experts to apply their tailored annual fertilization program on your property and keep your vegetation safe and healthy.



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