Lawn Damage? How to Implement an Intensive Lawn Care Program

Dec 2, 2015 | Articles, Maintenance

Imagine you are interested in buying a property and the first image that welcomes you is Miss Havisham’s yard and garden – a tangled jungle of weeds and dry soil that doesn’t inspire anything to actually live there. How can a lawn get so damaged? Lawn care Humble, TX experts pinpoint two main reasons: the property was left uncared for by the previous owner for a very long time, or you completely overlooked the importance of proper lawn maintenance. If you bought a damaged lawn or you didn’t know what to do to prevent such a phenomenon, let’s see together what lawn care Humble, TX strategies are there to fix the problem.

Look for the Symptoms First

Any damaged property reveals a few signs you need to take into account:

  • Cluttered, compacted soil
  • Accumulated clay into the soil in large quantities
  • Dry grass
  • Weed infestation on large areas
  • Pest infestation on large areas
  • Disease affect the plants or trees

These signs are enough for you to worry and call your lawn maintenance Humble, TX experts so they can implement a damaged lawn intensive care program. This is not something to fix on your own. Some lawn care Houston, TX specialists also consider you need to first employ an evaluation program to understand the root of the problem and make a long-term plan.

Usually, the main cause for lawn damages is the soil. It may have severe pH issues, may be polluted, suffer from poor water drainage, may not be properly hydrated or it may have been subjected to improper fertilization.

The Three-Ways Intensive Lawn Care Plan

After your expert lawn care Humble, TX company tested the soil and identified its problems, you may need to apply one of the next three main strategies to fix the severely damaged property.

1. Soil core aeration

This plan should be implemented if the soil’s pH and overall quality are good. Core aeration is necessary if you get large portions of compacted soil, large areas of thick clay, poor drainage or a severe lack of nourishments. Aeration de-clutters the soil and allows the sun to reach deep, together with water and the proper nutrients.

2. Over-seeding and Dethatching

This strategy is usually applied when the soil’s quality is good and all it needs is an intense dethatching procedure. Cutting slits in the lawn allows you to keep the existing one. It can be properly done by a lawn maintenance Humble, TX team of experts, used to over-seeding even damaged properties.

3. Radical Lawn Removal

Sometimes there is nothing to do about a damaged lawn but to remove it completely. If the soil is filled with clay, or is severely compacted, your lawn maintenance Humble, TX specialists will remove the lawn entirely. Such procedure requires intense weed control with the help of herbicides and an intense soil treatment against disease and pests.



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