Insights on Summer Lawn Maintenance

May 24, 2018 | Lawn Maintenance

Attractive lawns don’t happen by mistake, it takes exceptional lawn maintenance care which should be done on a consistent basis. Cutting and watering a lawn may seem simple enough, but these tasks must be done correctly, as well as at the right times of the year based on the climate in which you live. This helps to ensure a healthy lawn that will be the envy of your neighborhood.

Basic Lawn Maintenance Tips

To keep your lawn attractive and healthy, it is extremely important to ensure the following:

  • You’ve chosen the right grass for your climate. Bermuda, St. Augustine and Zoysia are grasses that do well during Texas summers.
  • Fertilization takes place before the summer heat arrives. Stop fertilizing your lawn at least 30 days before the weather gets hot. During extreme temperatures, fertilizer can burn and damage your lawn.
  • Keep your lawn healthy during scorching temperatures by watering at the right amount and frequency. Watering a lawn deeply and regularly without drowning or cooking the blades helps promote drought-tolerant roots. It’s better to water thoroughly three days per week than to sprinkle a lawn daily. To prevent fungal growth water your lawn early in the day rather than the cool of night.
  • During summer lawn maintenance, be sure to avoid cutting your grass too short. Taller grass develops healthier roots and stays greener longer. Furthermore, longer blades provide a little shade and slight coolness for the roots, so they aren’t exposed to direct sunlight.

Consider Utilizing a Professional Lawn Service Year-Around

Whether it’s summer or winter, spring or fall, most Texans want their lawn and landscape to be gorgeous and on-point year-round; but like most homeowners, they don’t have time for consistent lawn maintenance. In addition, most of us are also not very knowledgeable about lawn care and will have questions about watering, lawn chemicals and fertilizers, and how to use them to get the desired results while also protecting the environment. As such, hiring a professional landscape and lawn care service, like Archer Services of Houston, is definitely worth considering.

At Archer Services, we take the time to evaluate your Texas lawn and soil to determine what it needs to produce a luscious healthy lawn all year long. We help you select a species of grass that will best work for your yard, and we’ll also recommend the best treatments and routine care most suitable to your needs.

Archer Does the Work While You Enjoy the Results!

Our landscaping professionals know the best times to apply fertilizers and when to use pre-emergent products to decrease weed growth. We also clean up leaves, cut grass, trim shrubs, and get your flower beds in shape, and all of this is a part of the routine lawn maintenance that most Texas homeowners need for their yard. When you work with Archer, you’ll experience proven lawn care techniques that keep your lawn beautiful and healthy throughout the year. So, instead of working to maintain your yard, why not simply enjoy it and rest easy? We’ve been helping Houstonians enjoy their lawn and landscaping for over 20 years! Call us at tel:281-203-7615.



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