Having Fun in April with National Lawn and Garden Month

Apr 1, 2020 | Blog, Landscape Design, Maintenance

April is National Lawn and Garden Month!  This is a great time to really focus in on how you can beautify your lawn and garden as well as the green spaces around your home.  Many people use this as a month to focus on their own garden or lawn and others use it as an opportunity to make their community green spaces better.

Celebrate Lawn and Garden Month


Great Ways to Celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month

There are a lot of great ways to celebrate!  You can keep it small or you can go big, whatever you would like!

  1. New Landscaping Project. If you have been considering beautifying your own lawn and garden space, you may want to consider some new landscaping.  Fountains, patios, ponds, pergolas and other outdoor features can make a great addition to your existing space.  You can make your space more usable and exciting.
  2. Plant a Vegetable Garden. https://blog.nationwide.com/tips-for-planting-garden/Gardening can require a bit of work, but it is work that you will benefit from every time you can enjoy fresh vegetables.  Even with limited space, you can enjoy a few plants that will provide nicely.
  3. Hang a bird feeder. You can make a bird feeder quite easily.  The feeder will bring birds into your yard that you may not see otherwise.
  4. Plant flowers. Flowers are a great addition to any outdoor space.  They add color and texture and invite birds and bees to come and enjoy your outdoor space, as well.  There is so much that can be done with flowers, allowing you and your neighbors to enjoy them for the majority of the year.
  5. Start an indoor herb garden. If you enjoy cooking you know that fresh food can be made so much better with herbs right from the garden.  Indoor herb gardens are very popular and amazingly simple to grow.  It is affordable, simple and something you can enjoy indefinitely.
  6. Beautify Your Neighborhood. Go on a walk every morning or evening and take a trash bag with you.  Pick up trash that you see along the way.  Make sure to use gloves or a shovel for your safety.  If everyone did this all of our public outdoor spaces would be even more beautiful.
  7. Gift a Plant. Give the gift of a plant this month.  A birthday, anniversary, or just because you’re thinking of someone is always a great time to give the gift of a plant.  Whether it’s to plant outdoors or to enjoy indoors, plants beautify our spaces and are always appreciated.
  8. Install a birdbath. Like a bird feeder, a birdbath will bring beautiful birds into your lawn and garden space and give you great entertainment for years.
  9. Celebrate Earth Day. Have a party for Earth Day with fun themed snacks and vow to be better to the earth this year.
  10. Trim Your Trees. It’s a great time to trim your trees.  Look for areas where your trees may be obstructing street signs or possibly cause damage to your house or garage.

As you can see, there are so many great things to do to celebrate National Lawn and Garden Month!  You can keep it simple or go big.

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