Frugal Landscaping Tips: Help Cut Down the Lawn Care Budget

Nov 17, 2015 | Articles, Maintenance

Frugal landscaping is an interesting trend, mostly adopted by busy property owners who just don’t have the time to care for a large lawn and landscape. It’s true, when thinking about frugal landscaping, money is a serious issue to consider. Large properties need serious investments, from watering costs to tree trimming services and everything in between. Lawn care Humble, TX specialists came up with frugal landscaping techniques, dedicated to all those trying to cut down the lawn care budget. The time, the effort, the bills and the permanent stress related to lawn maintenance routine activities can exhaust people at some point. They can now take a look over these frugal landscaping Humble, TX tips and see what fits their needs.

1. Resize the Lawn

If you want to save time and effort with lawn care and landscaping, cutting down the size of the lawn should be the first thing to consider. This can be achieved relatively easy by introducing hardscape into the overall landscape. In practice, it means building stone walkways, wooden decks or patios, a kiosk maybe, a small garden summer kitchen, and even a sand Chinese garden. The more you cut down the area which needs mowing, watering, fertilization, weed control, and other regular lawn maintenance activities, the better. Surely, the initial hardscape investment may be costly, but landscaping Tomball, TX experts say the initial costs turn into great savings over time.

2. Plant Native Flowers and Herbs

You may want a true rain forest on your property, but keep in mind that exotic plants, trees or flowers need special care. On the other hand, grasses and plants native to Humble can resist so much better in your local climate, being more resilient to hot temperatures, weather changes, local pests and weeds, and so on. Replacing the exotic flower beds with local plants can be easily done with the help of lawn care Humble, TX specialists. The process is not complicated, but over time, it will save you time and money dedicated to lawn maintenance.

3. Build Rock Frames

If you want to reduce the surface of the grass which needs watering, mowing and fertilizing, you can also install rock frames for your flower beds or rows. Rock frames, apart from the fact that are beautiful and can really draw attention towards a certain corner of your garden, can also save important space.

4. Employ Organic Lawn Maintenance Measures

In order to save some costs, you can also try a budget-friendly approach which plays the card of organic maintenance. This means you can use rings of mulch around trees or making your own compost for fertilization needs. To save some pest and weed control repellents money, you can try to plant scented herbs which keep insects at bay. You can also try crop rotation to lower the stress on the soil. Don’t hesitate to ask for expert advice from our landscaping and lawn care Humble, TX specialists.



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