Four Flowers to Plant Right Now for a Stunning Spring Garden

Feb 5, 2016 | Articles, Plants

The Houston climate allows homeowners to engage in a few gardening activities that will ensure them a fully colored, healthy and spectacular garden next spring. Our lawn care Houston, TX specialists cannot emphasize enough the importance of lawn maintenance during winter and the benefits of such activities – provided they are performed with care. Among these, flower planting is perhaps the most rewarding, as everybody will enjoy a sparkling colored yard buzzing with life in the months to come. Today we have gathered a few flower services Houston, TX experts to tell us what flowers can be planted in mid-winter for a stunning spring effect.

1. Alyssum

This annual flower offers the perfect ground cover and its sweet scent attracts bees and butterflies to your garden. While it is not a true native plant of Texas, many grow it on their properties, as it is resilient to hot temperatures and resists well even in colder periods of time. Make sure the soil is not frozen solid and has a good pH level. You shouldn’t have problems with planting sweet Alyssum in winter.

2. Bluebonnets

Bluebonnets should be planted in late fall, but if you plant them in mid-winter you will probably get very good results as well. Being the signature Texas flower, Bluebonnets are perfectly adapted to our climacteric conditions, being quite resilient to unforeseen weather extremes as well. However, you should keep Bluebonnets safe from pests and weeds all year long and ask your lawn care Houstn, TX service providers to help you get the best varieties.

3. Petunias

Flower service Conroe, TX specialists have a soft spot for Petunias, another beloved flower of Texas. They can be planted in the cold season with little risks or concerns, offering a true symphony of color in spring. Resilient and very low maintenance, you can’t go wrong with Petunias, as they come in a wide assortment of types and color combinations. If you ask your local flower service Houston, TX provider for advice regarding Petunias, don’t forget to take a look at the newer hybrids, as we think they will gain your unconditional love.

4. Irises

This superb spring flower can be planted in winter if you get a few sunny days in a row and you ask your local lawn care Houston, TX company to give you a hand. Irises come in many colors and can’t wait to bloom in the warm season. Keep in mind to cover the roots very well in soil, but make sure the rhizomes are planted above the ground level. Irises are resilient plants and can successfully make it through a few cold days.

If you are interested in more Texas flowers to plant in winter for a spectacular effect in spring, ask your lawn care Houston, TX specialists to advise you on the best varieties and the best times for planting.



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