Five Factors to Consider When Choosing a Landscaping Architect

Jan 5, 2021 | Landscape Design

The short days of winter are behind us; the days are already getting longer.  As the days get longer it is a sign that we are moving toward the spring and summer months when most people spend more time outside.  If you have glanced out your windows into your outdoor space lately you may feel inspired to update your landscaping and make it a space you’ll love even more.  If you lack the time, knowledge, or green thumb to make your landscaping dreams a reality, it is a great time to hire a landscaping architect.

Landscaping does not come naturally to everyone.  If you would like to improve your outdoor space but you aren’t sure where to start or what would work best in the space while taking your architecture and climate into consideration, you aren’t alone.  The right landscape design team will be able to work closely with you to develop an understanding of how you want to use your outdoor space, making your visions a reality.  Yet, a successful landscaping project will require the right landscape architect.  How do you choose one?

Services Offered

If you Google ‘Houston Landscape Design” you’ll find that you have more options than you ever thought possible.  Yet, that doesn’t mean that just any landscaping company can come in and get the job done for you.  It’s important to have an idea of what you might like to incorporate into your outdoor space so you can research landscapers who offer the services you need.  When you start researching options, you’ll soon find that landscapers are not one size fits all. Rather, each one has its unique specializations as well as limitations.

If you have a big project, you may find that it is hard to find a landscaper that will be able to complete all the work for you.  For instance, a landscaper may be able to put in a patio, a playground, and flower beds but they may not install sprinklers.  In this case, it is worth your while to see if you can find a landscaper who will refer you to their contacts who can complete these projects for you.  In some cases, you may even find a landscaper who is willing to act as a general contractor and have subcontractors come in and ensure the project is completed to your specifications.

Reviews and Reputation

Because it can be overwhelming to search for a landscape architect on your own, you may want to get the opinions of friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers.  You can ask individuals, or you can post on social media or in neighborhood forums and you’ll find people are excited to share their experiences with you.  You will likely get a lot of very opinionated feedback because homeowners either love the work they have had done or they don’t.  This can give you a great place to start.

From there, you can look at online reviews of the companies you learn about.  Reviews are very important and are having more and more impact on who homeowners choose to do business with.  Online reviews from Google or Yelp can provide even more feedback about the overall satisfaction of landscapers.  The more feedback you have and the more educated your choice is, the more likely you are to be very satisfied with the finished product.

Experience Matters

As with all services, experience in landscaping matters. The more experienced and knowledgeable a landscaping architect is, the more likely they are to be able to meet and exceed your expectations for a beautified outdoor space.  When researching companies, it is perfectly acceptable to ask how long the company has been in business and also ask to see examples of their work over the years.  This is not to say that someone new to landscaping won’t do a good job, but those who have been in the business for years have had more opportunity to create their formula for success.

Personality & Location

When shopping for a landscaping architect, you need to meet candidates and talk to them about what you would like.  This will give you a good idea of their personality.  As is the case with all human interactions, not all personalities are well suited for one another.  Meeting landscapers before they begin on your project, such as when they come out to your home to give you a quote, will allow you to determine if the landscaper has the type of personality that you would like to work with.  Enjoying the personality of the landscaper will be important as you will likely worth close with them before and during the process.

The location of a landscaper also needs to be considered. Is the individual or company familiar with your climate?  Do they know about the current trends in your neighborhood? Are they familiar with your style of architecture? Location is an important consideration as it can impact knowledge as well as completion timelines.

Cost & Timeline

Landscaping is an investment.  Therefore you will want to get a few quotes to ensure that you are paying fair market prices for the work you have done. Before you start your landscaping project it is important to know your budget.  Letting landscapers know what you would like to have done and letting them know your budget is essential so they can craft a plan that you can afford.  Your budget is the guide to how expansive the project can be.

In addition to cost, if a landscaper can provide you with the landscaping elements you would like within your budget, you’ll also want to inquire how long it will take them to complete the project. Do you need the project completed by a specific date?  If so, you need to let the landscaper know this ahead of time.  Some landscapers will have a longer wait time than others, and this may be something that impacts your decision on which landscaping architect is right for your project.

Archer Services Wants to Be Your Landscape Architect

Archer Services is proud to serve the greater Houston area.  We have enjoyed upgrading the outdoor space of our Houston neighbors for many years and know the area, the climate, trends, and architecture well.  We would love the opportunity to meet with you and discuss what you would like to see in your outdoor space.  Call us today at 281-801-4862 to schedule a time to meet and plan your beautiful outdoor space!



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