Essential Lawn Care Cypress TX Tips for Local Residents

Jul 13, 2015 | Articles

It is generally understandable that nobody is very keen on having to undergo a series of tasks for lawn maintenance. Nevertheless with these essential lawn care tips Cypress, TX local residents will notice that maintaining their lawn has never been easier. Easy to apply and understand why, these tips provided to us by lawn care experts are devised to improve the overall efficiency of performing lawn caring tasks.

1. Take Your Time

No matter how stressful or money consuming lawn caring might be it is important not to panic according to lawn maintenance Cypress experts. Take your time, create a list of tasks, usually devised in weeks, months and seasons. This will improve your overall performance and will allow you to set your time more effectively according to the tasks at hand. So take your time, think about what is needed to be done around the house and put it on paper.

2. Harmful Plants Control

A general misconception about harmful plants such as weeds is that they destroy and should wholesomely eradicated from the soil. That is not generally true. Some plants such as dandelions tell that the soil contains more magnesium than calcium. So, some of these plants can actually help us know more about the soil condition, weed control Spring, TX professionals claim.

3. Keep Different Tools in Shape

In order to avoid stressing and further damaging the grass some of our tools have to be kept in good shape. Maintenance work must not only be done onto our lawns but also to the tools that we use. Therefore dull-bladed lawn mowers will deteriorate the overall aspect of the grass. More than that, poorly mowed lawns will turn the tops brown, then yellow. This way, diseases such as lead spot will become a common sight onto our lawns.

4. Use the Right Fertilizer

To provide an overall lush and healthy aspect, the lawns must be properly fertilized. It is essential to choose the right type of fertilizer. By doing so pests and fungus will be kept at bay and the accumulation of thatch will be prevented. To find out exactly what type of fertilizer should be used in your lawn, try to test the soil before. By knowing your soil’s pH level it will become easier to know what fertilizer it should be used. According to our lawn fertilization Tomball, TX specialists, soils with pH levels higher than 5.5 will require the use of different fertilizing substances or not fertilization at all.

We hope that these essential lawn care Cypress, TX tips for local residents prove to be most useful to you. For more information Archer Services experts are happy to help you find the best  solutions for your lawns in any of our locations: Tomball, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Cypress, North & West Houston, Humble & Jersey Village, TX. Give us a call or find us online today.



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