Earth Day & Your Home Lawn Care

Apr 22, 2019 | Lawn Care Services

Happy Earth Day! In 2019, we celebrate this day right after Easter Sunday to acknowledge this wonderful world we live on. Those who share a genuine concern for our environment will use this day to put a few things into action. For example, some will plant trees, hold recycling campaigns, clean up parks, and help rescue wildlife. However, homeowners can also acknowledge and celebrate the part of the Earth they’re most responsible for – their lawn care.

Whether you seek professional lawn care services or D-I-Y, a well-manicured lawn always looks fabulous while also adding value. Even more, it contributes to the overall beauty of your block or neighborhood! Below, Archer Services helps you explore various ways good lawn care practices can help benefit the environment and our planet.

Keep it Cool

Did you know that a healthy green lawn can cool off our cities and the environment? In fact, a lush green lawn compared to heat-trapping concrete in your yard can be up to 30° cooler!  When the scorching heat from the Texas sun hits rock, concrete, or the blacktop in your driveway, it has no place to go. Therefore, the heat lingers and is trapped above the concrete. But with grass, for instance, it absorbs the heat much better and brings about much cooler air temperatures. This is why lawn care professionals recommend mowing your grass at a certain height during various times of the year.

Turn Down Noise Pollution

At the same time, your nice lawn and landscaping on your property can also help buffer sound pollution. The next time you decide to visit the “concrete jungle” of your downtown metropolis, take note of the noise from cars and footsteps. Then go to the suburbs and notice the stark difference in noise, even with lots of cars and people outside.

Contribute to a Livable Environment

Another great benefit to maintaining good lawn care is that you help make your community and neighborhood more livable for everyone. Good lawn and landscaping practices will help trap dirt and prevent soil erosion. And as a result, you help increase livability. For example, even a small 50 by 50-foot lawn area can provide enough oxygen for a family of four.

It will also absorb harmful carbon dioxide and other gasses. That’s why you’ve gotta’ love Earth Day2 and appreciate green grass! Green lawns and beautiful trees store tons of CO2 and ultimately lessen the effects of global warming on the atmosphere.

Add Value to Your Community

Texas homeowners are proud, and we love when our lawns look great! In fact, about 80% of Americans believe that having a nice-looking healthy lawn is important1. Pristine lawn care and landscape maintenance can add rock-solid economic value. It can contribute up to 15% on the value of a home, for example. Then, when you add the psychological and aesthetic benefits of enjoying a nice-looking lawn, it further confirms our need to maintain good lawn care practices.  It also gives us a sense of accomplishment. However, if you choose to work with a professional landscaping service, you may end up living in one of those well-sought-after communities!

Bring On the Eco-Friendly Products

Just like homeowners, professional lawn and landscape service providers love to keep your yard looking healthy and green. That’s why they use products and tools that continuously promote a lush green lawn year-round. At the same time, they know which products are safe and aren’t hazardous to pets, people, or the environment.

The various lawn care practices that professionals provide go a long way in maintaining your yard and landscape, while also protecting the Earth. Their use of weed and pest treatments, as well as fertilizers and proper care techniques, are crucial to a healthy lawn.

Many of us don’t have a green thumb, but we do have a green heart! The only issue is that we may not have the time or know-how to maintain our Texas lawn. If you share this sentiment, contact Archer Lawn Services. Our experienced team of lawn and landscape professionals can help. We’d love to meet you and assess your outdoor spaces. To connect, simply call us at 281-203-7615.

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