Deep Root Fertilization

May 6, 2015 | Lawn Blog

In spite of all of these winter storms’ best efforts, spring is coming very soon, and while that’s good news for your lawn to look its finest, that won’t exactly be the easiest thing for it to prepare for. This week, we at Archer Services would like to touch on one of the many important steps for a healthy lawn come springtime: deep root fertilization for your trees.

Due to a tree’s often great size, it will need a massive amount of nutrients to regrow all of its leaves in the shortest amount of time. Since the roots are the only option for so much food for the tree, it’s dependent on the earth beneath it to meet this goal. To help your tree reach its goal, we employ the use of deep root fertilization to saturate the ground with enough nutrients for your trees to use.

The method for this is pretty simple; by poking holes just big enough  and deep enough to saturate the area beneath the tree’s branches about every three to four feet, we are able to deliver plenty of nutrient-rich, organic fertilizer to the tree’s roots. Since a tree’s roots for food gathering are only as deep as about twelve inches, it’s quite easy to get fertilizer to the needed spots, and as an added bonus, your grass will also prosper from deep root fertilization due to the grass’s roots being in such close proximity. While we do charge by the caliper of the tree from two feet above the ground, we won’t charge for helping out the grass with our deep root fertilizing.

With spring time around the corner, your lawn will be working overtime to look and be in top condition, and our deep root fertilizing is one of the many methods we at Archer Services provide to give your lawn that extra edge to prosper throughout the year.



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