Blue Daze – Spring Flowers

May 28, 2019 | Blog

I know I say this quite a bit, but Blue Daze is definitely another one of my favorite summer flowers to use in your landscape design.  This beautiful perennial (it will come back year after year) ground cover is so easy to take care and has so few issues that I am sure it will quickly become one of your favorites as well.  It is an extremely hardy plant, and it will tolerate conditions near a pool very well!

Ideal conditions and best uses for these flowers.

Blue Daze loves Full Sun but will tolerate some afternoon shade.  If it is too shady, it may not bloom for you.  Blue Daze is also one of the best plants for pots as pots tend to dry out very quickly compared to your flower beds.  Or if you have and area in your landscape that does not get as much water as others.  For example, if you have an area in your yard that you have a very difficult time growing flowers and it tends to be “rock hard” try Blue Daze for some summer flowers.
One of the best places I have seen these beautiful flowers thrive is in waterfalls near a pool.  If you have a salt water pool try Blue Daze.  I am sure you are at your wits end trying different things but I promise you that Blue Daze will not disappoint.
This ground cover type flower is very appealing when creeping over stone or large boulders as depicted in the picture above.
If the plant is losing most of its’ leaves, then it is probably getting too much water.

Growth Habits

Once the sun goes down the blooms will close for the day. The blooms are about the size of dime and are a sky blue in color.  The foliage is green with a hint of silver in the foliage.  Overall this ground cover tops out at less than 12 inches height and around 12 inches in width.

The color of Blue Daze is sky blue

Blue Daze flower is Sky blue in color and about the size of dime.

Winter to Spring Growth Habit

Blue Daze will start blooming early summer and will last all the way until the first freeze.  If your area gets below freezing it will die back for the winter.  This is completely normal for this summer flower.  Wait until your last freeze is done and then give it a good cut back for your early Spring Landscape Maintenance program.  You are able trim it back to within a couple of inches from the main source.  Start watering it and give it some good spring fertilizer.  Before long it will grow right back.  There is no need to re-plant this one year after year so it is very budget friendly.



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