Benefits of Professional Landscaping This Summer

Aug 15, 2020 | Landscape Design

Have you been considering professional landscaping but continue to put it off?  It’s true, we are in the midst of the hottest part of the summer in Texas so you may not be spending quite as much time in your outdoor space as usual.  But, now is a great time to start planning your landscaping and get the project underway.

professional landscaping in summer

Reasons to Start Your Landscaping Now

If you have been putting off your landscaping plans because it never seems like the right time to start, there are some great reasons to start now:

  • There is a great availability of plants this time of year. If you visit a local nursery you will find that plants of all types are available in abundance.  Instead of limiting yourself, see what varieties are available now.
  • If you start your landscaping project now, you can enjoy it when it is complete for the remainder of the summer as well as into the fall when Texas weather is often the most enjoyable.
  • Amid COVID we are spending more time at home than perhaps any other time. When you have an outdoor space you love, you are effectively increasing your square footage and making your home the oasis it can be.
  • Heat resistant plants will thrive. If you plan to utilize plants that thrive in the heat, planting them now will allow them to thrive instantly.

As you can see, there are a lot of great reasons to start your landscaping project this summer.  There is no time like the present, so why not stop planning and start putting those plans into action.  The sooner you start your landscaping, the sooner you can start enjoying your outdoor space.  Not only will it bring you endless enjoyment and pride, but it will also help you increase the value of your home.

Archer Services Wants to Transform Your Outdoor Space This Summer

Here at Archer Services, we believe any time is a great time to put your landscaping plans or dreams into action.  If we start your project now, you’ll have the remainder of the summer and the fall to enjoy it thoroughly.  Worried about social distancing?  We can create a whole landscaping plan for your outdoor space while social distancing or no face to face contact at all.  Call us today at 281-973-5435 so we can bring your landscape design ideas into reality for you!



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