Begonias – Spring Flowers

May 21, 2019 | Articles

When most people think of Begonias, they think of them as very traditional flowers that might be found in their grandmothers garden. They are a tried and true perennial in our greater Houston and Woodlands area. I am here to tell you there are many new varieties out there that will get almost anyone excited about trying a Begonia again in their Landscape.

I am going to just cover some of the more exciting ones in this brief article. The main color groups include: Pink, Red, and White. The leaves come in several shades of green and some are even variegated. My favorite varieties include some of the larger one: Double Picotee, Fimbriata, Double, Whopper, Dragon Wing. These varieties vary in overall size and flower type. The Whopper can reach 24″ to 30″ tall and 16″ wide! “That has to be the King of the Begonias 🙂!

double picote

Growing Instructions

Most Begonias prefer some shade during the day but can survive in full sun. There are multiple varieties that have to have shade so just be sure the read the label while out shopping. This is another plant that just doesn’t like to get too wet. The good news is that they love Humidity and everyone knows we have plenty of that here! There two biggest weaknesses are Slugs and Fungus. Slugs love to dine on Begonias every night. A little Slug bait around the perimeter will take care of that for you. If Fungus is your issue, cut back on your sprinklers and as a last resort you can treat with chemicals. Bring a cutting into your local nursery and they will help you diagnose and treat.

growing instructions for begonias and other spring flowers

Best ways to use these flowers in your Landscape
I have a few different ways to use these in your Landscape Design. When I use the larger varieties I will use them to break up a long continuous flow of flowers to add some variety. They are also wonderful pots, but you will need to make sure this pot gets very regular water or they may not do as well. They are also one of the few flowers that can do well indoor and out. So if you don’t have any space outside and you need something to brighten up your house, try a Begonia!



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