Six Easy Tips Owners Should Keep in Mind for Best Results

Aug 16, 2014 | Articles

Lawn and landscape care and maintenance can be an excellent way for people to unleash their creative minds and their full potential in order to design and build the property of their dreams. A neat, luxurious and healthy landscape can increase tremendously a property’s appeal and value to potential buyers and it can turn into a corner of paradise for the family living there. No matter why you engage in a lawn and landscape project, the satisfaction of doing things on your own and the pride of achieving the best results is unparalleled.

But managing your own landscape design and build can be pretty tricky, if you don’t have all the necessary knowledge and expertise. Beautifully landscaping The Woodlands, TX, is both a delight and a pride if you know what you are doing and what measures to apply in order to achieve what you aim for. Experts in the field, who have a lot of experience in The Woodlands and Humble, Houston, Cypress and Jersey Village have a few tips for all home owners who want to turn their landscaping project into a masterpiece. These professional tips apply to all landscape designs and are dedicated to owners who want more than a mowed lawn, but a healthy, sustainable and healthy property.

1. Know your lawn and property and make a long – term plan considering all variables. Mowing the lawn and watering it, pulling weeds and installing landscape lighting might be easy, but you should take into account other special property features as well: soil composition and needs, (fertilization, aeration and watering); shade areas and the plants fit to be planted in those areas; pest and weeds threats and control means; climacteric conditions you can take advantage of.

2. Use the best tools for each separate job. Keep your lawn mower clean, with sharp, durable blades. Any other landscaping equipment should be clean and properly stored, together with fertilization and weed control substances and with all other materials you only use occasionally.

3. Flowers, shrubs, trees and all plants should be a part of a greater plan based on colors and contrasts. Instead of mixing all sorts of flowers and plants together for a colorful effect, plant only a few kinds of plants on larger areas, for a sense of structure and lavishness.

4. Color combinations are essential, together with texture combinations. Not only that the difference in colors will highlight important parts of the property, but the different foliages and textures will compliment the entire landscape, giving it structure and originality. Some experts recommend the combination of wild blue phlox, red trillium and wild geranium.

5. Add structure and more beauty to the landscape by using accessories and outdoor elements that will highlight specific areas. For instance, bird houses, water fountains, large pots with shrubs, stone – bordered pathways, colorfully painted garden furniture, lamps and garden benches, they will add value to the aesthetics of the landscape and turn the dullest of gardens into true luxurious designs.

6. Help the garden thrive by planting companion herbs that will keep pests away, attract pollinators or protect other plants from being invaded by insects or weeds. These companions can also become a part of the larger design and they will ensure that your greenery will thrive on the long term.



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