Beautiful Fall Foliage & Texas Landscape Design

Sep 25, 2019 | Landscape Design

Summer is a scorcher in Texas and it can do a number on your beloved landscape design. By the end of the season, what was once a verdant oasis is now burnt to a crisp under the sun. Your crunchy lawn and wilting flower beds may have you dreaming of a road trip to cooler temps! However, all is not lost! This is the best time to breathe new life into your lawn. Here are some gorgeous fall landscape design ideas that will make your lawn burst with lush greenery:

Bedazzle Your Lawn & Landscape Design with Jewel Tones

Yellow and orange colors are plentiful in the fall. Try contrasting them with jewel tones such as emerald green and ruby red will add warmth to the monochromatic look. To add a touch of color to your landscaping in the chilly season, add pops of these colors. Some colorful pots or containers, seasonal plants such as dianthus and pansies or even sculptures can brighten up any yard.

Keep to Fall Specific Plants

Planting spring plants in fall will leave your lawn barren this season. Instead, go for chrysanthemums (yes, those mums found in the big Texas Homecoming corsages) and boxwood which will thrive in the chill. Together these will make your landscaping look amazing this autumn. These also last longer without needing much water to survive. Arrange them in simple groupings around your lawn for an eye-catching effect.

Fall Asters can be used as a great border plant. Their purple hue can provide that brightness to break up the amber colors.  Don’t forget about Petunias, these do well in both warm as well as cooler temperatures.

Believe it or not, some trees can be planted in Texas that do have the potential for producing autumn shades.  Consider planting Chinese Pistachio, Sweet Gum or Red Oak trees to freshen up your fall landscape.

Add Warmth to Outdoor Features

What better time to add a fire feature in your lawn than in fall? With football season here and the holidays right around the corner, it will make for a cozy addition. From the classic wood-burning fire pit to a simple propane-powered fire feature, you can enjoy your beautiful fall garden outside.  A heated and covered pergola will also come in handy when the temperature drops further as winter makes itself known.

Professional Landscape Design

Adding beauty to fall landscape design is not difficult for professionals who know the colors and design opportunities it offers. A DIY job may do more harm than good, so consider a professional lawn and landscape service to prevent that.

So, whether you find joy and solace in working your land, or prefer the help of professionals, enjoy the beauty of the outdoors this Fall. If you need assistance or more information, freely contact us.



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