7 Signs You Need Professional Lawn Care Service

Apr 18, 2018 | Lawn Care Services

Just about every Texas homeowner, and every other homeowner, wants an impeccable-looking landscape they can be proud of, and that’s a product of well-maintained lawn care.  Unfortunately, maintaining a beautiful lawn in Texas’s unique climate can be quite a challenge; that’s where professional landscaping companies come in.  Read on to see if your yard is showing signs that you need professional landscape and lawn care service.

Brown Grass

Whether the grass is dying due to lack of water, lack of nutrients, or simple neglect, landscaping professionals have the experience and expertise required to turn even quite unsightly brown lawns into a verdant landscape that any family can be proud of.  They can also install sprinkler systems to ensure that your lawn gets enough water; plus, it takes away the guess work, making life much simpler. Professional lawn care for treating brown grass helps you to take back hours of time that would otherwise need to be spent watering and tending to your yard.

Seasonal Damage

Winter can take a serious toll on even a well-maintained lawn and landscape. Whether the lawn is littered with debris from fallen branches, or water damage has taken its toll on the grass, a landscape and lawn care expert can restore it to its former glory before summer rolls around.  Spring is also a perfect time to make changes to your landscape, and for planting new trees, bushes, and garden plants.

Weeds or Overgrown Landscape Features

If the grass has become overgrown with weeds, chances are homeowners won’t be able to handle the problem themselves.  While the herbicides that are commercially available can be helpful, they can also be extremely damaging if applied incorrectly.  Lawn care professionals have access to higher-quality herbicides and know how to apply them based on your landscaping needs, in order to achieve maximum results without damaging the grass and other desirable plants; moreover, they can cut back trees, shrubs, and plants to ensure that they aren’t encroaching on the lawn.

Lawn Pests

Weeds aren’t the only thing that can cause substantial damage to a lawn; insects can also wreak havoc if they are not controlled.  There are a wide variety of different insects that can damage grass, trees, and garden plants and each of them must be eradicated using a different approach, so it’s best to hire a professional who can provide comprehensive pest control services.  Adequate insect control won’t just keep the lawn looking healthy and green, though, as these damaging insects can also find their way into homes if they are not taken care of as soon as they’ve begun to rear their ugly heads.

Drainage Troubles

If a lawn is not properly aerated, it won’t ever be able to thrive.  Landscaping professionals can evaluate the lawn’s current drainage system and determine whether additional drainage or lawn aeration will be required.  The landscape design and lawn care professionals of Archer Services in Houston, are experts in this area.

A Huge Yard

Any homeowner who has a Texas-sized lawn of more than half an acre will likely require the help of a landscaping professional if he or she is going to keep it looking well-maintained and beautiful. These larger lawns require a significant investment of time and energy if they are to get the care they need, so it just makes more sense to hire a professional who has all the equipment and knowledge necessary to work efficiently, especially for Texans who like everything BIG!

No Time or Know-How

For the majority of homeowners who enjoy beautiful yards year-round, they either don’t have the time, or the knowledge and skill to maintain the upkeep of their landscape. Professional lawn care services conveniently take away the hassle and worry over how your yard looks. After all, no homeowner wants to have the worst-looking yard on the block, or in the neighborhood!

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