5 Main Strategies to Consider for Optimal Lawn Care Results

Oct 26, 2015 | Articles, Maintenance

Lawn care Spring, TX experts agree that local residents are doing a great job in maintaining their lawns and gardens. However, no matter how passionate you are about mowing, watering, planting new flowers, and trimming your trees, optimal lawn care needs a plan and a set of specific strategies. Today, lawn care Spring, TX specialists give us a few hints on the five main strategies to employ in order to achieve the best lawn care and landscaping Spring, TX results.

First Comes the Budget

Lawn maintenance doesn’t come cheap and residents in Spring, TX know that already. Cutting costs may sometimes be a bad idea, as it threatens the results you want to achieve. However, you can replace some high costs with lower ones: install a sprinkler system, which you can program so it waters the lawn deep with long-term results. You can also replace chemical fertilizers with natural ones (compost, mulch) and try a few natural pesticides instead of chemical ones as well.

Second in Command is Soil Testing

Just as you work with plans and strategies at your job, the same principles apply when it comes to lawn care, Humble, TX pros say. After you have a detailed budget, you should begin with soil testing, to make sure the bright future of your landscaping plan is ensured. Testing the soil will give you a clear idea on its needs of fertilization, its chemical composition, its lack of nutrients, its pH and its problems. Knowing your soil will help you take the appropriate measures to help it thrive, together with the grass and plants you want to grow.

The Third Step is Essential: Weed Control

Lawn care Houston, TX specialists agree with their colleagues in Spring, TX: weed control needs careful trading, as weeds can literally ruin the best and strongest of gardens. Pulling off weeds on a regular basis can be a tedious job, but you have to do it. Moreover, you can use several substances to keep those nasty herbs from proliferating. Add here and there some plants which are known to repel weeds as well.

Fourth and Foremost: Deep Watering

Too much (or less) watering can harm your lawn. Deep watering means giving the turf and plants a lot of water to their root systems. Instead of daily superficial watering, you can try deep watering, with the help of the sprinklers for instance. It will help the roots grow deep and strong.

The Fifth Strategy is Asking for Help

Always ask for an extra helping hand if you see that all your efforts don’t lead to the results you wish for. A professional lawn care Spring, TX company is able to come up with a personalized plan for your lawn and help you implement it step by step, with maximum efficiency and reasonable costs. From soil testing to lawn mowing, your local experts can be the best strategy you ever employed.



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