Five Common Texas Lawn Care Winter Mistakes You Must Avoid

Nov 25, 2015 | Articles, Maintenance

The cold season affects your lawn and garden, even if your area is more protected than others when it comes to seasonal winter weather conditions. However, your property is not completely safe from freezing rain, cold winds, chill rain, or freezing. According to lawn care Houston, TX experts, the lawns and gardens in the area also need special care during winter. The trees’ bark, the plants’ roots, the seeds, the turf and the soil all suffer from winter damage. Today lawn maintenance Houston, TX specialists gathered to present us five common mistakes property owners make during winter – errors which may lead to severe damages visible only in spring.

1. Plants Are Not Watered Properly

Lawn maintenance Humble, TX specialists say this is one of the most common mistakes people make in winter: they don’t water the lawn enough. The cold is less likely to kill the plants, shrubs or trees, but dehydration is the lawn’s greatest enemy. Relying only on the seasonal rain to keep the plants hydrated is a mistake. The poor watering leads to roots’ vulnerability to all sorts of diseases. Ask your local lawn care Houston, TX company to advise you on the best winter watering strategies.

2. Fertilization Is Not Done Right

Winter fertilization is a little tricky and you should either know how to implement a fertilization plan properly, or to ask for expert advice. For instance, granular fertilizers work very poorly in winter, as they don’t dissolve right in colder temperatures. On the other hand, inefficient fertilization during winter may encourage root disease and other subsequent issues. Your plants and soil need winter-adapted nutrients so they can thrive in spring.

3. Mulch is Not Applied Correctly

Everybody knows that one of the best lawn protective measures to employ in winter is mulch. However, some people don’t use a high-quality organic type of mulch when they prepare their landscape. Moreover, some mistakenly apply a thick layer of mulch which goes beyond the recommended height of 7-8 inches. Lawn care Houston, TX experts tell us to try covering as much ground as possible by spreading the mulch layer on 2 feet area around the tree.

4. Raking is Not Done Regularly

Many leave the fallen leaves on the ground to protect the lawn. However, you should rake regularly, as those leaves invite mold, fungi and disease to spread and evolve. A layer of leaves clutters the lawn and stimulates infections. For a neat, tidy look, rake your lawn as often as you can.

5. Weed Control is Not Done Efficiently

Weeds can infest a lawn even in winter, but if you use weed killer and other herbicides you will damage the lawn. Few know weed killer doesn’t work in cold temperatures, but can also damage the property. Lawn care Houston, TX experts say you should consult with your local lawn maintenance Houston, TX company for the best weed control strategies in winter.



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