Lawn Tips: Four Winter Lawn & Landscape Maintenance Tasks

Dec 3, 2019 | Landscape Maintenance

Fortunately, for SE Texans, winter months aren’t as extreme or harsh on our lawn as those of the Northern states. Still, winterizing is essential for proper lawn and landscape maintenance. Here is a checklist of tasks to do in fall to keep your yard looking neat and green. This also helps make routine care simpler during the winter months.

1. Feed and Seed

Fall is the perfect time to feed and seed your garden. During the fall, your plants are storing up nutrients and deepening their roots to prepare for the winter. Fertilization will give your lawn the needed boost in this regard and help insulate the soil. Seeding should also be done in fall, allowing for their proper germination and growth so that come spring, your lawn can look lush and thick.

2. Pruning and Trimming as Part of Landscape Maintenance

You should prune your hedges and trim your trees during the colder months to ensure their healthy growth come spring. Furthermore, unmaintained hedges and overhanging tree branches are a safety issue. Unless addressed, they can pose the risk of damaging power lines or your home’s exterior. For both tasks, it is recommended to hire professionals rather than risk your own safety.

3. Clearing the Debris

During fall, fallen leaves and debris can pile up, and you should take out the time to have it cleared. Allowing such detritus to stay can run the risk of several problems such as your drainage system getting clogged up, unwanted pests using it as a winter refuge, or inviting mold growth.

4. Landscape Maintenance and Drainage Adjustments

While temperatures rarely drop below zero in most parts of Texas, cold snaps can happen. Ice built-up can cause cracks and damages on hard surfaces such as those of your patio, pavement, or walkways. Make sure to have your drainage system adjusted to ensure such areas remain free from pooling water and run-off debris.

As with any lawn and landscape maintenance task, SE Texas homeowners who need professional help can connect with experienced providers like Archer Services. Did you find this article useful? Share it with friends and family who could also benefit from this and more of our resource information.

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