Top Four Simple Lawn Care Tips for South Texas Residents

Jul 26, 2015 | Articles

Regardless of the season outside, lawn caring can be a very dull and stressful task. Sometimes when having to juggle with other duties such as performing well at our jobs, we tend to overlook some tasks around the house. That is why lawn care The Woodlands, TX experts share their insights and provide us with some useful tricks that will help better maintain our lawns.

1. Fix Up a Budget

It is generally approved that maintaining the lawn that be very costly. That is why before even considering what sort of lawn and flowers you would like to put in front of your task, a budget-list should be the first priority. That’s what lawn service The Woodlands, TX professionals recommend us to do, especially due to the fact that some types of lawns or flowers can be more expensive and tricky to maintain. So plan ahead and do not rush.

2. Crop Up Lists of Tasks

In order to save time a great tip would be that of making lists of tasks. They should be divided into weekly, monthly and seasonal tasks. Lawn maintenance The Woodlands, TX experts teach us that by doing so you would know exactly when and what to do.

3. Invest in Basic Tools

There would not be any lawn care without proper basic tools. By having a spade, rake, trowel and shears the everyday, monthly or seasonal task will be faster completed. But keep in mind that these tools are just the basics and they would normally suffice in the event that your lawn is small.

4. Keep Track of What’s Being Done

A good idea for maintaining healthy lawns is to keep records of what lawn care jobs are carried out. Make yourself a journal and include in it everything that you did to your lawn such as what fertilizers or pesticides you applied. This way, monitoring what methods did or did not work will become easier. It will also help you keep track of what pests your lawn had to face.

Thank you for acknowledging these useful tricks given by lawn care The Woodlands, TX experts. For more information, give us a call at Archer Services. Our team of professionals is the best in The Woodlands, TX area. We also perform lawn services in other locations such as Tomball, Spring, Conroe, North & West Houston, Humble & Jersey Village.



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