4 Steps to an Environmentally Friendly Yard in Humble TX

Apr 26, 2014 | Articles

Spring is here, rejoice! For, aside from the warmer weather and rebirth of all nature, there’s more good news for all outdoor property owners in Houston, The Woodlands, and other areas in Texas. Archer Services can help you create the most environmentally friendly version of your lawn. Don’t know where to start? That’s all right – all you need to do is hire the right lawn maintenance company for the job. Here’s what we can do for you, your lawn, and the environment:

How good lawn care can help create an eco-friendly lawn

Soil tests

Good lawn care starts with knowing the pH levels of the soil underneath your turf in Spring or The Woodlands. Our lawn service offer includes soil tests, which tell us what the makeup of your soil is. The process is simple: all we do is collect a small sample off your property, then send it to a lab for analysis. This kind of information helps us determine what kind of nutrients, fertilizers, and species of plants to use on your lawn. There’s no point in using inadequate substances, or employing too much of them, as this risks to disturb the balance of the ecosystem on your lawn.

The right species of plants

The key to eco-friendliness, when it comes to plants is to plant the proper species in the proper places. Our lawn care service experts know which plants and types of grass thrive in the shade and which ones do well in ample sunlight. By planting them in adequately lit places, they ensure the plants don’t experience stress and thus stay healthier for longer.

A good amount of biomass

Biomass is a vital ingredient for optimizing the eco-friendliness level of your yard in Conroe, Cypress, Tomball and neighboring areas. That’s why our lawn maintenance experts have been trained to plant in layers. Biomass is calculated by the number of different species (of plants, animals, and insects) present on a square foot of land. This is why, in essence, we try to help you achieve a lawn that’s as close to a local rainforest as possible. Lawns rich in biomass are able to generate more oxygen, recycle more carbon dioxide, and sustain more species of animals and insects, for a thriving ecosystem.

Water efficiency

Water usage is essential to creating an eco-friendly lawn and garden, which is why Archer Services is a lawn service company that takes all the necessary precautions to minimize expenditure. First off, we plant the kind of plants that can thrive in the Conroe climate without needing too much water. Obviously, different species of plants and grass come with different watering requirements. Based on our previous experience in Houston and the local area, we know which plants are more appropriate in this respect. Also, we schedule watering in cooler weather, i.e. early in the day, or late after sunset, which helps keep the soil of your lawn moist for longer spans of time.

Need help with creating an eco-friendly lawn? Give Archer Services a call today, at (281) 203-7615 and let us know how we may help enhance your yard in Conroe, Cypress, Houston, Humble, Jersey Village, Spring, The Woodlands, Tomball and the surrounding Texas areas.



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