3 Winter Lawn Care Protections to Consider this Cold Season

Jan 11, 2016 | Articles, Maintenance

Even if Texas is rather safer from blizzards and heavy snow than other parts of the country, this doesn’t mean homeowners shouldn’t take some protective measures. The milder weather conditions might make one disregard specific winter lawn care activities, but let’s not forget that the micro-ecosystem represented by your lawn and garden needs you to take care of it. Today, lawn care Houston, TX experts talk about the minimal winter lawn care protective measures you should employ to ensure a lush and healthy lawn and garden revival in spring.

1. Protect the Trees with Burlap or Boughs

Newly planted trees and shrubs, sensitive flowers and even rare or exotic plants need a bit of extra care in winter, even if the Houston climate allows them a healthy development throughout the cold season. However, young trees, bushes, and plants might suffer from exposure to the wind, no matter how mild it is. Air currents developing in winter may also become young plants’ enemy. Young trees can also suffer because of their specific position on your property. To prevent any type of damage some young plants, flowers, trees or shrubs might suffer, lawn care Houston, TX experts recommend the application of boughs and burlap. A landscaping Houston, TX company can advise you on what trees and plants need more protection during winter. They can also help you with these installations.

2. Protect the Soil and the Plants with Mulch

No matter how mild the climate is, mulch is always welcome. One winter mistake we insisted upon in a previous article is the incorrect or insufficient application of mulch. Landscaping Spring, TX specialists insist that a generous layer of mulch applied around the trees and plants will keep them nourished and hydrated, also keeping winter pests and rodents away from the trees’ bark and roots. The mulch layer should be between 4 and 8 inches thick and not go below or above these limits. Apply it in circle areas around trees and bushes or flowers and make sure you cover the roots area as much as you can. The mulch layer should not touch the trunks of young trees. Always remember to use a high-quality, organic type of mulch.

3. Protect your Garden with Tree Guards and Traps

There are some winter pests even in Houston which may give you a lot of troubles if you let them roam free on your property. Rats and rodents are real dangers for your young trees’ bark, your flower roots, and your shrubs, not to mention your vegetables. Landscaping Houston, TX professionals recommend the installation of plastic tree guards around all trees, old and young, to make sure no rat or mouse reaches them. Moreover, pest control Cypress, TX experts emphasize on the use of fences, rodent traps, rodent repellents and other measures, to make sure you will have a thriving lawn and garden in spring.



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