Three Weeds to Remove Mid-Winter: Lawn Care Tips and Tricks

Dec 20, 2015 | Articles, Maintenance

Texas is a great place to live in, especially in winter, because its milder climate doesn’t allow blizzards and heavy snowfalls to occur on a daily basis. However, the same pleasant weather allows all sorts of weeds to pop out their heads in late fall, only to thrive throughout winter and become real problems in spring. Lawn care Tomball, TX specialists gathered today to give you some tips and tricks on how to recognize friends from foes and how to combat winter weeds with efficiency. Before rushing to the store to get selective and nonselective chemicals, let’s see who your main unwanted guests are this season.

1. Dandelions

Dandelions are not the ugliest or the most useless weeds one can encounter. On the contrary, people use them for their medicinal properties or for their aesthetics. You will find dandelions used in the kitchen as a seasoning as well. However, no matter how cute or healthy (for human consumption) the dandelions may be, weed control Tomball, TX experts say these plants need to be kept at bay. They love invading bluegrass turfs and spread uncontrollably. Make sure you have lawn care Tomball, TX experts by your side in early fall and winter to use some 2,4-D herbicides to get rid of the weeds.

2. Carpet Burweed

This is a weed found almost everywhere in the state. It usually invades residential properties, but commercial ones are also in peril. You can easily spot it because it is a low-height plant which spreads uncontrollably, covering the ground like a carpet – hence the name. However, you can catch it before it’s too late, in late fall. Winter is its best of times, as the burweed reaches maturity in spring. Some lawn care Woodlands, TX experts recommend the use of hormone-based herbicides to eradicate it, but only if used in the seedling phase of the plant.

3. Chickweed

This is not a decorative plant, even if it has some medicinal properties and people use it in teas, concocts and other home-made remedies. However, it is mostly considered a rather nasty weed, as it evolves throughout winter, only to take over the turf in spring: the infestation looks like a succulent green carpet of vegetation which cannot be removed by mowing. Lawn care Tomball, TX specialists recommend the use of pre-emerge herbicides. Post-emerge substances are also efficient if used regularly in winter and early spring.

Lawn care Tomball, TX specialists, together with their colleagues and other landscaping Cypress, TX experts emphasize the importance of knowing the weeds. There are some which look decorative enough to be left to thrive (like henbit) and others which make good kitchen or medicinal ingredients (like white clover). You may want to leave some of these plants to thrive, or bring chemical warfare upon them. No matter what your choice is, make sure you respect the land and the environment.



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