Top Three Easy Tips on How to Care for Your Perennial Plants

Jul 5, 2016 | Articles, Lawn Care Tips

Perennial flowers and plants are the safest and fastest way you can achieve a permanent sanctuary of color and scent on your property. However, some perennials bloom plentifully only to fade away throughout the season. But if you want the inflorescences to thrive and have a long lasting flowery landscape for months to come, you should take some intensive measures. Today our lawn care Humble, TX experts together with their landscaping Conroe, TX colleagues want to share some of their tips so you can take care of your perennials and enjoy a gorgeous landscape with little effort.

1. Refresh the Plants by Frequent Cutting

Roses or jasmine are two good flowery and scented flowers you can work with. During the hot season their flowers fade and fall. However, you can “convince” them to bloom again by cutting the dry flowers. This action refreshes the plants and gives them the chance to burst into new blossoms again. The flower branches featuring dry and faded flowers should be cut as close to the base as possible. Don’t cut the branches too soon however, as you can stress them tremendously and stop their natural growth. The best method is to have patience and let all the flowers on a branch dry and fall – only then you can cut those branches sporting multiple flowers. This rule also applies to flowery shrubs and hedges.

2. Keep Several Degrees of Flowery Awesomeness

If you want your perennial flowers and plants to persist for longer periods of time, you can cut the plants and flowers in degrees. The flowers and branches in the back and center should be cut radically in order let the plant burst into blooms gradually. This is a rather tricky method if you are an inexperienced gardener but you can master such skills with a bit of practice. However, if you want to preserve a flowering garden for longer periods of time, ask your local landscaping Humble, TX experts to tend to your garden and advise you on how to gradually cut perennial shrubs and plants.

3. Shorten the Vines and the Climbing Plants

Climbing plants and vines make gorgeous landscaping elements, being perfect for adding the final touch to a picture perfect property. They have more than a gorgeous visual effect, though. They are useful in covering certain hardscape elements (a wall or a fence), they create shadow, privacy and fragrance without taking too much ground space. However, vines and flowery climbing plants can also be well maintained to offer flowers for longer periods of time. Many such plants bloom in early summer only to have their flowers fade and fall after a while. After the flowers died you can shorten and cut those flowerless sprouts close to their base. This can refresh the plant and push it into flowering again.

In case you are a beginner and don’t know how to care for your perennials just yet, ask your local lawn care Humble, TX company to introduce you to the secrets of gardening.




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