Simple Lawn Care Tips: Three Objects to Add to Your Garden

Jun 2, 2016 | Articles

We have talked about many ways to revamp our yards and gardens. We talked a lot about adding flowers, plants and trees to turn our outdoor spaces into comfortable, usable and enjoyable corners of paradise. Owning a house with a garden is a privilege not many can afford, so those happy ones should spend as much time as they can breathing the fresh air that does wonders to a person’s health and mood. But today our lawn care Humble, TX experts together with their landscaping Cypress, TX colleagues want to share some tips with you on adding objects to a garden to make it even more attractive and functional. Let’s see what can you do on a small budget to make room for more summer garden fun!

1. An Outdoor Table

There are many outdoor furniture pieces which go great in a small corner of your garden to create a cozy living room for you to have dinner with your family or invite friends over lemonade and snacks. But if you don’t want to spend too much money, you can simply refurbish an old kitchen table. Add a coat of paint resilient to water and heat. Some landscaping Humble, TX experts suggest you spray paint the table and its legs for a more contemporary, hip and colorful effect or hand paint it with rustic motives like flowers and vines.

2. A Funky Set of Chairs

Now that you have a table, a fun set of chair will complete the design. A white simple garden table works great from a visual point of view with a set of colored chairs. You can get truly creative and pick four different chairs – in design, style and color – just like modern bars and pubs feature and have your own corner of urban art perfectly blended in an outdoor rustic environment.

3. Siesta Furniture

If you have enough space in your garden or on your front lawn, you can build or buy a small wooden kiosk to use as a retreat space, away from the heat for a good old fashion siesta after lunch. But if the space doesn’t allow you to improvise a deck or a kiosk, then use what you have: a shade tree you can turn into a true outdoor bedroom if you install a picnic blanket under it or even a mattress with pillows and cushions. Our lawn care Humble, TX experts advise you to make sure you don’t harm the tree’s root system or the bark while resting, reading or eating under the tree. Make sure the grass under the tree is resilient to physical damage as well. If you spend time under trees on blankets and mattresses, make sure you have your lawn care Humble, TX experts regularly maintain the grass area so it doesn’t get damaged.

If your outdoor space allows, you can also install a hammock in between two trees (just make sure your lawn care Humble, TX team advises you on how to enjoy a hammock without harming the trees), a rocking chair on the front porch or a garden tent for shadow and some intimacy.



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